walt smith

  1. masna

    MACNA 2017 Presentations

    All the MACNA 2017 Presentations in one place! Thanks to Bulk Reef Supply, we were able to record many of the MACNA 2017 presentations! These presentations are great to watch on your own, with friends, or show at your next club meeting. Many of these speakers are able to come to your local...
  2. MarineDepot

    NEW VIDEO: The Walt Smith Story

    NEW VIDEO: The Walt Smith Story Robert chats with Walt about his rich history in the marine aquarium hobby and the A.D.E. Project
  3. Reefahholic

    Help with Walt Smith ReefRock 2.1 Leeching PO4

    I would like to seek help in finding the best method to remove excessive PO4 or to expedite the leeching process. I'm scared my acros will die or fear my anemones will suffer and possibly die. Any help would be appreciated. :( I'm not sure how long this process will take since it's man-made...
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