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    Florida Live Goods Warpaint/rainbow Bowerbanki's- Aquacultured

    All bowerbanki's are aquaculture and have been in my system for years. Warpaint: A) $250 B) $450 Rainbow: Mother colony NFS C) SOLD D) $400 I ship via UPS Overnight. Shipping is $50 and free at $500. Free pickup in Tampa, FL. My DOA policy is replacement if the same coral is...
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    Florida Live Goods Higher end bowerbanki's and others

    3 Types of bower's available!! BMF Rainbow Bowerbanki: Momma NFS A) B) SOLD C) SOLD D) sold E) F) SOLD G) H) SOLD Rainbow Bowerbanki: Momma NFS I) $250 J) $300 Warpaint Bowerbanki: K) L) M) All corals are healthy, aquacultured and pest free. I ship via UPS Overnight...
  3. Koral King


    Grafted scoly experiment here at Koral king, we took a bleeding apple and a warpaint scoly (~2”) and cut them with the diamond saw and grafted them together on the propagation plates. The cuts were performed on the 15th of nov, and have been healing for the past 4 days. One of the grafts shows...
  4. Coral Headz

    Awesome War Paint Scoly

    War Paint Scoly
  5. OuteastREEFS

    War Paint and Reverse Bleeding apple scolys available

    War paint scoly
  6. Green "Warpaint" Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus)

    Green "Warpaint" Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus)

    Green "Warpaint" Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus) perched on some pink mushroom coral
  7. GreenClown-WarpaintGoby-Megability.jpeg


    My Green Clown “Warpaint” Goby from a few years ago, they’re cool fish, RIP