waterbox 130.4

  1. WestmanReef

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I've already posted a hello thread on the main new peoples page, but I didn't even know this UK part existed! Im Jamie, from Cannock in Staffordshire and this will be mine and my partners first aquarium build. We'll be using the Waterbox 130.4 (purchasing from Aarons Aquarium), I...
  2. Chipper1978

    Kessil A360X Placement

    Hello, all. I am waiting for my Waterbox 130.4 to arrive and am planning a mixed reef of fish, LPS, and a few strategically placed SPS. I already have 2 Kessil A360X lights with the A Series Mounting Arms. To meet the needs of the SPS, I am leaning towards adding a 3rd Kessil A360X. However...
  3. Chipper1978

    Aquascape Thoughts

    Hello! As I make my first post here, I am also patiently waiting for my new Waterbox 130.4 (48”x24”x22”) to arrive next month. Before I mortar my MarcoRocks aquascape, any thoughts, comments, or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Highest shelf is 12” high. Thanks!
  4. Chipper1978

    Aquascape Thoughts?

    Hello! As I wait for my first saltwater tank to arrive (Waterbox 130.4), this is my first post on this forum. Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions, regarding my Marcorocks aquascape before I mortar would be greatly appreciated!
  5. kris1351

    Build Thread Waterbox 130.4 - Mixed Reef

    After being out of the hobby for over 20 years I decided it's time to come back. I was lucky enough to pick up a second hand Waterbox 130.4 in good condition with quite a bit of equipment. I am taking my time and trying to do things properly, it's amazing how much new learning I am having to do...
  6. Mitch Summerford

    HELP Waterbox 130 Plumbing for Dummy

    Hello, I have a Waterbox 130.4 ordered and I want to get all of the plumbing parts I need before it gets here. I emailed @Waterbox Aquariums and got the dumbest answer. "There are many different versions over the years, but they are all similar so I'm not sure exactly what you will get."...
  7. Jax15

    Is auto water change overrated with sand?

    I have a new build, a Waterbox 130.4. From the beginning I planned on setting up auto water change, running a line through the wall to a holding tank in my laundry room. I’m at the point now where it’s ready to set up.. but I’m having doubts whether it’s even worth it. I have sand, and one of...
  8. Aneasytarget

    Build Thread My First Reef Tank - Waterbox 130.4

    Thought I’d document my progress by starting this thread for all to enjoy. I’ll try and post a photo every week. First time reefing after years of tropical fish, taking it slow so bear with me.
  9. Peach02

    Waterbox 130.4 or Red Sea 525xl

    I’ve been thinking of upgrading my 33 gallon to a much larger tank and I’ve come down to the waterbox 130.4 or the Red Sea reefer 525 All I’ve got so far is the weir on the waterbox is glass instead of acrylic and is potentially $1000 aud cheaper But nether have a large enough refugium imo and...
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