1. M

    Hello New Guy! New Tank! Waterbox 130.4

    Hey all, Recently just purchased the above tank. I am a new marine reefer coming from the freshwater world. I have had my tank for a few weeks now. Cabinet built, sump plumbed. Will be taking my time and updating my progress here with pictures. Still looking into options for all equipment...
  2. Chipper1978

    Cycling - Take Action or Let Alone?

    Waiting for my new Waterbox 130.4 to cycle (fishless) and would like opinions on whether I should do a water change, add more bacteria, or let things alone. Here’s a daily log... 5/3/20 - Approximately 70 pounds of MarcoRocks and 60 pounds of AragAlive sand. Added saltwater (0 TDS RO/DI at...