wave pump

  1. 15aleo

    Tips/tricks to make wave pump safe for smaller fish?

    Is there a way to make wave pumps safer for smaller fish? I have a smaller YTECH 6W wave pump that works for my 30gal, but a banggai cardinalfish (maybe 1" long including tail) got hurt after he got sucked onto the side of the pump and was stuck there for an unknown length of time (it was...
  2. A

    Should I get Wave Pump right away?

    I'm leaning towards getting the Marine X 60.2 as my first tank. My cycling plan (wip - still need more research): - Start with only life rock - 2 weeks later added 2 clownfish - 2 weeks later add clean up crew - 2 weeks add 2 more fish (not sure which ones) - 2 weeks start adding soft coral - 5...
  3. Joseph3

    Auto Top Off System with a Pulse Return Pump

    Hello! I will be going away on vacation in around two weeks for 10 days and I'm considering getting an auto top off system to control the salinity while I'm gone. But there's a catch! My return pump is set to pulse mode and the sump water level changes. Will an auto top system work in my sump...
  4. shartpants007

    Wave pump advice

    I've been looking around for an eFlux wave pump to go with the Current USA light and Loop controller I already have, but I can't seem to find any for a reasonable price. Does anyone know if there are other cheaper pumps (price not quality) that are compatible with my current setup so I could...
  5. shartpants007

    New Jersey WTB Current USA eFlux 660gph

    I'm looking to buy a Current USA eFlux 660gph wave pump. I can't find too many for sale on this forum and was hoping someone would see this thread and want to sell. I have all the equipment for the light and such, so I believe all I need is the pump itself and a foam guard for it, if possible...
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