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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Happy Fathers Day|Buy 3 Get Your 4th FREE

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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Saint Patrick's Day Mega Sale | Starts NOW!|30% OFF All Green Coral

    We at Riptide Aquaculture are thrilled to announce our Saint Patrick's Day Sale, starting now, with a huge update coming this Thursday evening! It's our way of celebrating this festive season with the community we value and love. Whether you're looking to add a touch of green to your tank or...
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    Aqua Mania Aquatic Expo| March 16th | NC

    Dive into =AZWIqKRobi7IW6SZwi3UiCpuYiz1j6kSmEnEmawL6jesWCcdwqM-BkbLc49zQYJuhJnaVDnX-9e1tKTDHU3pmBIZR_8r01F3KRtjCaSA-OEIohgNy_frGBeI3GWl24VCHDOXnHuroMK5fyx-kXn6AeAcYs09X3zDZmCBXNDGla6kkDE4PNB1Px6zj1C4MjEhP5M&__tn__=-]K-R']Aqua Mania Aquatic Expo with us on March 16 in Pittsboro, NC! Get $5 off...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Super Hot Fire Sale| Save up to 25% OFF

    Riptide Aquaculture's Fire Sale is here! Get ready to add some vibrant corals to your aquarium with big savings: 15% off orders over $100 20% off orders over $200 25% off orders over $300 Why Shop Our Sale? Over 400 stunning WYSIWYG corals Sustainable, high-quality selections Be part of a...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Valentine's Day|Buy 3 get your 4th FREE!

    Love is in the water at Riptide Aquaculture, and we're thrilled to share the love with our amazing community this Valentine's Day! ❤️ Dive into our special promotion that's sure to make your reef tank and your heart fuller. Buy 3 Corals, Get the 4th FREE! Yes, you read that right! When you...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| TIKI Madness Live Sale 2024|Mega Giveaway!|$5 Frags

    The sale begins on Saturday, January 13th, at 1:00 PM EST and will continue until 10:00 PM Take a look at all these teasers! While you're at it, discover how you can snag a $10 Gift Card for FREE. Here is a link to the first coral drop...
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    Black Friday is passed us, and we want you to know how to snag the best deals we still have to offer. we went all out this Black Friday with over 1200 corals on the site, But that's not all - we also have some incredible doorbusters that you won't want to miss! TLDR: Games & Prizes: All day...
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    Riptide Aquaculture| Labor Day Bash| Buy 3 Get 1 Free| WE ARE BACK

    Labor day Contest Alert! click here for more info We are back baby! Starting right now put 4 items in your cart and the lowest price piece will be FREE! Tons of coral just added don't miss out on these crazy dealz. Www.riptideaquaculture.com 25 likes on this post and we will show off a piece...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Monday Moving Sale| Huge Discounts, Everything Must Go!

    TEASERS: Click HERE! Join us on Monday, July 17th, for Unprecedented Discounts! Riptide is relocating, and we're thrilled to offer you once-in-a-lifetime deals. Help us make this move a little easier by getting your hands on a wide range of stunning coral species at incredible prices! Don't...
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    Riptide Aquaculture| 1776 LIVE SALE | MASSIVE GIVEAWAY |$1, $5, $17.76 Corals!

    Happy Fourth of July everyone! Add to your order with promo code : pack Www.riptideaquaculture.com
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Summer Time Flash Sale 6/12|Travel Vlog- The Aquatics EXPO

    Look at those Teasers!! Free Shipping on orders over $300
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    Memorial Sale ends SOON!!
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    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Rainbow Micromussa lordhowensis/Acan

    We Sure do love our Rainbow Micros ! Just a few of the Gems are currently have on our site!! www.RiptideAquaculture.com Double Trouble Micromussa SALE $69.99 USD Sale price$43.36 USD Glowing Ember Micromussa $39.99 USD
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    Live Goods Livestock Button Scolys up for Grabs as low as $88

    These and Many more amazing coral are always up for grabs on www.riptideaquaculture.com Ultra Button Scoly was 149 NOW 123. Ultra Button Scoly WAS 129.99 NOW 99.03 Ultra Button Scoly WAS 149.99 NOw119.99 Ultra Button Scoly Was109.99 NOW 88.36
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    These Easter Eggs teasers are HOTT New Corals Added: FRI/SAT/SUN Links Riptide's Site rule and info
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Super Hot Friday Sale| B3G1F| Heavy Discounts

    Check Out these Teasers!
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    Livestock Riptide's Rockin' WYSIWYG RFA Haul is Ready For Ya!

    Holy Cow look at this one!! If you are a Rock Flower collector like us you will want to follow this thread closely! This is where you will find @RiptideAquaculture newest Rock Flowers! All of these Rock flowers are WYSIWYG. For all of our Rock Flower listings click here Shipping and Live...
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    Promo Code: Tikitorch Saves you 20% at check out www.Riptideaquaculture.com At check out and save MORE $$$ with 20% off ALL WYSIWYG
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Sunday Funday Flash Sale|1000+ Corals| Up to 90% OFF

    Riptide Aquaculture After sale is now LIVE! Save 16% our crazy prices by spending $100+ in coral.
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE NEW Years Extravaganza!

    We are Inviting you to the best New years party this year! Don't miss out on the fun we will have welcoming in the new year!
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Halloween Special!

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    Riptide Aquaculture| Reeftober Fest |PROMO CODE: Aftersale save 25%

    .Extended addition rule and info click here Start Building your pack today. Use Promo code: aftersale and 25% off your order
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Labor Day Special: Giveaway's, $5 Frags and more!

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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Labor Day Special: Giveaway's, $5 Frags and more!

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    Livestock RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Euphyllia EXtravaganza!

    Look away if your not ready for the heat!! We will be adding new euphyllia to this thread as times goes by so make sure to follow this one of you are one the hunt for some Quality euphyllia for the right price! Click here for more info Click here for more info Click here for more...