white fuzz

  1. Dylan7huskies

    White fuzz growing all over

    I’ve noticed a white fuzz growing all over my tank, wondering what this is and if there is a way to get rid of it. The tank has been up for 2 years, it’s a 20 gallon. Checked all my parameters and they’re all good (salinity 1.025, temperature 80).
  2. Timich

    EMERGENCY White cotton like hair algae/sponge? Need help please!

    Please help me identify this weird white hair looking fuzz. I couldn't find anything on google images or on this page. Looks almost like hair algae but white and more silky and spider web like. It's dense and is mostly under my rocks or on the side. Already irritating my zoas I have above it...
  3. gr8pretender

    Alvepora White Fuzz/String?

    Is this normal on Alvepora? (White stringy stuff on the bottom).
  4. E

    White Fuzz around new euphyllia

    Hi everyone. So we stocked our new, fully-cycled tank with two ocellaris clownfish and one euphyllia divisa frag (around 5*5*5cm) 4 weeks ago. The ocellaris are doing great, but the euphyllia never fully expanded and seems to be receding now. This morning, it has not opened at all. We noticed...
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