1. M

    Help! CUC only comes out at night?

    I’m going through the “ugly phase” with my new tank, and got sufficient cuc to deal with it. The problem is that my melanurus wrasse has scared them all to where they only come out at night when it’s in the sand sleeping. This means I wake up to a perfect clean tank, but within a few hours of...
  2. ManaReef

    Cube Build My first ever SW tank

    Hello all! Thank you for checking out my salt water journey! I have a lot to learn am excited to see what happens! I will be listing details in this thread of major events of the tank (dates of set up, new additions, w pictures!) Note that all equipment was cleaned prior to any use. Please also...
  3. C

    New Jersey SOLD Anemone clownfish pistol shrimp and more!

    Hello. I'm looking to sell what's left in my 50 gal cube. 2 clownfish, 1 banggai cardinalfish, 1 six line wrasse, 1 yellow watchman goby paired with a pistol tiger shrimp, 1 fire shrimp, 1tuxedo urchin, 2 corals. 1 black widdow anemone. Im in monmouth county,NJ. Trying to get rid of by the...
  4. M

    How do I keep invertebrates with my wrasse

    HELP! I started a new tank and added a melanurus wrasse, cleaner shrimp, and 8 blue leg hermit crabs, along with some other fish and coral. The shrimp was dead a few days later, and i’m now finding empty shells and hermit crab legs all over the sand bed. I know it was the wrasse, and I know...
  5. techhnyne

    Florida Live Goods Yellowtail wrasse

    Juvi small yellow tail wrasse currently in QT. Located in south florida miami/broward area. $180obo. Local pick up only
  6. D

    California Live Goods Earls Fairy Wrasse Pair - California

    Looking for a new home for these two. They have been in a tank for 18 months. Can sell as a pair or individually. $1100 for the pair plus shipping. I can have my LFS ship them and can get you a quote for overnight shipping. please text (818)703-3993 for more info and additional vids.
  7. Manny’s Reef

    It’s Alive!!!

    Bought this wrasse from Dr Reef. It immediately went into hiding and was unseen for about 20 days. I figured it was lost for sure. Man o man was I surprised to see eyes moving on what I initially thought was a trochus snail. Enjoy the short clip.
  8. Zoaologist

    Earl’s Fairy Wrasse, Blotchy Anthias, & Mystery Wrasse

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Earl’s Fairy Wrasse, Blotchy Anthias, & Mystery Wrasse. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  9. Earl’s Fairy Wrasse, Blotchy Anthias, & Mystery Wrasse

    For sale Nevada Earl’s Fairy Wrasse, Blotchy Anthias, & Mystery Wrasse

    I have a few higher end fish available that have gone through a 30 day quarantine with copperpower and have had 3 doses of prazipro along with being fed food mixed with metro & focus. All fish are eating hakari frozen mysis and brine shrimp and they are also eating cobalt aquatics pellets...
    $250.00 to $650.00
  10. R

    Small Six Line in a 20g AIO?

    So I've got an IM 20g Pro, well established. Pods and little brown flatworms galore. Which is part of why I want to get a Wrasse, they are getting a bit out of control (worms). Not hurting anything yet but I worry they may start getting around some SPS bases, etc. They are not AEFW just the...
  11. reefrubble

    Fin Injury or Disease: Melanurus Wrasse (Halichoeres Melanurus)

    Hi fellow reefers, Question: (answers from experienced reef tank owners preferred) Based off of the provided information and images in this post, does this Melanurus Wrasse appear to be injured or sick? If sick, with what? Background: About 3.5 weeks ago I purchased this Melanurus Wrasse from...
  12. D

    Yellow corris wrasse - is this flukes?

    hello everyone! My yellow corris wrasse has been acting strange and I’d like to see what you all think. 2 weeks ago she started hanging out at the top of the tank and darting back and fourth all day. This behaviour hasn’t changed at all since the first time she did it. Im not sure if she is...
  13. J

    Same wrasse family issue?

    I have a yellow coris wrasse and I just bought a mystery wrasse that currently in quarantine . I just noticed they’re both from the same family. ( lapridae ) Will they kill each other ? Or will I be alright ?? My yellow wrasse has been a model citizen and I heard the mystery wrasse is an...
  14. stewie

    Short Notice Move Fish

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Short Notice Move Fish. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  15. Short Notice Move Fish

    For sale Florida Short Notice Move Fish

    Going to be on a deployment real soon and in need to sell my fish. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Prefer to sell the dottyback last as he is difficult to catch. Yellow Tang $200 Naso Tang $200 White Cap Goby/ Pistol Shrimp Pair $150 Niger Trigger $60...
    $10.00 to $200.00
  16. J

    EMERGENCY My carpenter flasher wrasse and tomani tang suddenly dying

    my carpenters flasher wrasse is laying down on my acclimation box and breathing heavily, tomani tang is breathing heavily but still swimming, looks like the new chocolate tang took his spot in his rock so I celared in for him but as I am writing this he is starting to lay on his side. He had...
  17. J

    China pearl wrasse problems

    So yesterday I went to my Lfs and saw a China wrasse that I ended up getting after seeing it eat frozen and flake food off the floor of the tank. I put it in my tank and it did awesome all of yesterday, but stayed up through the night picking at all my rocks but not eating frozen or flake food...
  18. Zoa_Fanatic

    Any gobies or anything to eat amphipods?

    Is there anything but a wrasse I can ge to eat amphipods. I like the look of gobies but need one they can take down some serious pods. I’m running a biocube 32 so it needs to be smallish.
  19. Zachvet

    Leopard Wrasse Recovery

    Hey all, I have a beautiful male Blue Star Leopard wrasse who has been in my 135g display for 3 years. I’ve had him on frozen and pellets for years now. I’ve also had a mystery wrasse for roughly 1.5 years and the two have been getting along fine with the leopard being dominant. Long story...
  20. I

    USA WTB ISO!! Large Coris Wrasse

    HI there, Im looking for anyone who may be looking to rehome large coris wrasses either yellowtail/ red coris (coris gaimard) or black and white coris wrasse (coris flavovittata). hopefully in the range of 8-16". I've tried the small ones(3-4") and they tend to get pushed back during feeding or...
  21. Jay Hemdal

    Unknown Neurological Wrasse Disease (UNWD)

    Unknown Neurological Wrasse disease (UNWD) There is a disease that afflicts newly acquired wrasses, usually Cirrhilabrus fairy wrasses or flasher wrasses, Pseudocheilinus, but occasionally other species as well. The gross visual symptoms are always the same; the fish shows a rapid onset of...
  22. Falcon30

    Remove or keep sand….2 sand dwelling wrasse

    I’ve been thinking about removing my sand but I do have a melarunus and a yellow corris wrasse. I would like to add a second gyre to blow on bottom of tank. Is it possible to keep these wrasse in bare bottom? I really don’t want to get rid of them.
  23. T

    Virginia WTB Live rock, Protein Skimmer, Tank.........ect for sale.

    Not sure where to list this, but I have an entire system for sale. Up for grabs is a 36gallon bow front with lots of live rock (40 Lbs) good pieces, protein skimmer, 407 canister , led lights, heater, digital gauge. It will come with everything you need cleaning supplies filter media, 5 gallon...
  24. L

    Need help picking a pest control

    i have an 80 gallon (90cm x 60cm x 60cm) with a flasher wrasse, royal gramma, algae blenny and kliens butterfly. i will be returning the butterfly as it has been nipping at my sps. is there a magical fish that will eat aptasia, flatworms and nudibrachs? i don’t really want a halichoeres (sp?)...
  25. K

    Hardwicke wrasse- New Jersey

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Hardwicke wrasse- New Jersey. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.