1. Mizu

    Stocking list too hopeful?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 32 gallon tank (about 3 feet long) and currently have 5 fish: 2x Blackstorm clownfish 1x Yasha goby w/pistol shrimp (the pistol is maybe 1/2 an inch lol) 1x Helfrichi firefish 1x Citrinis Clown goby 1x Cleaner Shrimp The tank doesn't have many active swimmers which is...
  2. T

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Need to rehome a few fish

    Moving to a new tank and want to remove a few fish in the process. Sizes are estimates, fish may he slightly larger. Local pick up only. Diamond goby 3"-SOLD Purple firefish x2 2"-SOLD Midas blenny 3"-SOLD Six line wrasse 1"-SOLD Solorensis fairy wrasse 3"-SOLD I can try to get pics of any...
  3. P

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Live Goods Looking to Sell my Live stock in Fairfax VA

    Hi I'm looking to sell my livestock in my tank Please DM to make offers. Everything is available I'm trying to sell my house so everything is available. I will Mark Thinks as sold as they sell.
  4. K

    EMERGENCY Scotts fairy wrasse

    Does everyone think this is ich? Got this Scott’s fairy two days ago and sitting in my QT. Eating fine on a combination of frozen blood worms, mysis with garlic and brine. I dosed copper a few hours ago.
  5. L

    50 gallon low boy stock options

    Hello everyone, I am currently going to be starting my 50 gallon lowboy tank so I am just wondering what you guys recommend for stock options the tank dimensions are 48 x 24 x 10 I would really like one showpiece fish like a small tang but not sure what I would go with really looking for your...
  6. L

    Lost 2 fish in qt not sure why

    Just looking for everyone’s opinion and feedback on what they think could have happened So I started a quarantine tank. 20 gallon long with a coralife 40gallon filter. I have the fter pad and some anommia remover pad in there. PVC and a 100w heater. I have not medicated any of the fish. I am...
  7. 407Hunter

    Cleaner Wrasse odd swimming

    Hello Fellow Reefers! I have a question on the swimming behavior of my Cleaner Wrasse (Blue Neon I believe). Just purchased and proper introduction into the tank was prepared. Same day I also introduced a Clown Goby which is doing great for comparison. The Wrasse swims funny like seen in the...
  8. pookie

    EMERGENCY Melanurus Wrasse Not doing well.

    backstory very quickly, a week ago I got the bright idea of buying a pot for my clowns in my main DT so they can maybe lay eggs in it and I can hatch them, I boiled the pot for about 10 minutes and let it dry and tossed it in. Simultaneously I realized my magnesium was down to 1080 which is not...
  9. William Chiavetta

    I'm starting a saltwater aquarium and wondering about compatibility

    I am starting a tank and have a couple things but I'm not sure if what I want will work together with my equipment. I have a 55G tank with a Fluval 407 aquarium I have 2 ocellares clowns to stay I have 1 blue hippo tang that I'm going to give to Paul Cuffaro when it gets too big I have 1 powder...
  10. B

    wrasse QT question

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a bunch of wrasse to QT and place into my display tank. I put sand in the tank so that they have a place to sleep and not stress out too much along with some PVC. I will start copper power tomorrow or the following day once they’re all settled in. I know...
  11. Nutramar Foods

    Male Yellow-Band Velvet Wrasse

    The Cirrhilabrus Wrasses are known for their stunning colors and resilience. Among them, the Yellow Band Velvet Fairy Wrasse stands out as particularly amazing. These wrasses thrive on a diverse diet, including frozen meaty foods, marine pellets, and occasional Nori Seaweed for variety. Due to...
  12. H

    Six-Line Wrasse Bloated — Dropsy or Constipation?

    Hi! We have a 6-line wrasse whose belly has become distended in the last 24 hours. We had a fish recently get sick and pass (a dwarf angel who got one-sided popeye and began swimming weird), but we retrieved it from the tank before it actually died (to control the ammonia). We tried to feed the...
  13. taytay_1119

    Wrasse compatibility for 75g

    I have a 75g tank I’ll be setting up by end of the year. There’s a crap ton of wrasse that I like and need a way to narrow it down. Which wrasses are compatible or you would recommend for a 75g? I’d like to have 2-3. The wrasses that I have taken a liking to are: •Potters wrasse...
  14. A

    Carpenter Wrasse confirmation/sex

    I purchased what was sold to me as a Carpenter Flasher Wrasse almost a year and an half ago. It originally had deeper colors with almost a purple hue and blue lines that don’t show well in the picture. It also had a longer dorsal fin. Once acclimated the colors pretty much faded away to what it...
  15. SCH14

    Rhomboid Wrasse Concaved Skin?

    Hey everyone, Just added a rhomboid super male that was in QT for 20 days. I can try to get better pics (Ik it’s a horrible pic) but this is him in my 310g Any idea what this weird white sunken area is on him?
  16. L

    Two yellow corris wrasse together advice/experience

    Well to my surprise around three weeks ago, I mentioned something to someone at Petco about them getting a yellow wrasse in however the following week I went to my local fish shop and they had a nice one that I bought and he is currently in quarantine recently went to my Petco Two days ago and...
  17. J

    Thalassoma wrasse predatory nature question

    I am well aware wrasse of the genus Thalassoma specifically Lunare, Hardicke and Paddlefin are extremely aggressive and will destroy a cleanup crew. I know they can also bully small fish but is it true wrasse of this genus will actually prey on small fish as well? Would damsels, anthias...
  18. J

    Shipped fish came in nearly dead, Will it survive????

    Hey all, I recently purchased a Melanarus wrasse that arrived yesterday. Upon opening the bag I noticed the fish floating upside down. I thought it was dead, but then I noticed it breathing and swimming, however very unbalanced. It seemed like it was a swimbladder issue and on the verge of...
  19. L

    Starting Copper Power and Prazipro after Questions

    Hey Guys, I am looking to get a yellow wrasse Saturday and planning on QT this guy. My plan is to add him to the QT and watch him for about 2-3 days and make sure he eats and settles in and then start dosing copper power. First is this ok to do or do I need to start Copper right away or Have the...
  20. L

    Yellow wrasse questions and quarantining

    Hello everyone, I just set up a 75 gallon tank and currently have three pajama fish in there that seem to be doing good and eating fine. I also have a anthias in my quarantine tank that I will be adding within a week or two my local fish store has a really nice small yellow wrasse. That is very...
  21. belly14

    Fairy Wrasse ID help…

    Hi All, Just picked up a fairy wrasse and can’t find online the specific type? Can anyone ID this one for me? Thanks in advance!!
  22. J

    40B Stocking

    Hello All, I have a 40 gallon breeder with 5 fish and would like to add one more blueish/colorful fish. I am looking at the melanurus wrasse but don't know how compatible they would be in this tank. Any suggestions on this fish or others would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! Current...
  23. R

    Can I add this to my reef tank?

    Hello! I recently set up a 40 gallon IM cube tank and I’m planning on making a reef. I cycled it correctly and I set up an aquascape with lots of places to swim and hiding room. I haven’t put anything tin yet but I am going to this weekend. I really really like some tangs, fox faces...
  24. A

    Looking for an Earl’s Fairy Wrasse

    Hi, looking for an earls fairy wrasse, not sure if anyone is selling one. Thanks!
  25. M

    Stocking my 90gal

    I’m looking for stocking ideas for my Red Sea 425xl g2 47.2Lx25.6x21.7H 91 gal with 23gal sump Skimmer and reef mat I have room for and will eventually do a refugium Tank is 3 months old I currently have 2 ocellaris clowns 1 firefish 1 royal gramma 1 black leopard wrasse 2 Banggai cardinals...