1. MrDeathKills

    Some questions about information on fish.

    Thank you first off for reading and your possible help in this situation! I am getting a 125gal set up. Right now just going over some fish just so I can have a mock plan for the future. Will not be getting any fish till at least 2 months or more from now, as I will be doing a very deep clean...
  2. C

    Discoloration on Wrasse

    Just got this Christmas wrasse early this week. He’s been in QT for a few days now and I noticed some slight discoloration on his side. Currently feeding him medicated food daily (API GC + Focus + Selcon). He’s had normal poop, swimming and eating normally. Anything to be worried about? Should I...
  3. R

    Clean up crew demise

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I have a question if been meaning to ask for a while, I’ve been wondering how you guys may offset this issue. How do you keep your reef clean if you have for example a puffer fish that loves eating your clean up crew? Is there a way you can maintain a...
  4. Reefer37

    Melanurus Wrasse Ick?

    Hey guys, so I'm still fairly new to reefing and this is my first wrasse and I've never had a parasite issue before, so bare with me. Couple days ago got a Melanurus Wrasse from my LFS and never noticed anything on him when I got him and hadn't noticed any weird behavior at the store. He was...
  5. C

    HELP! I accidently bought an Ornate Leopard Wrasse!!

    Hello, I have a 45 gal bow front tank that has been running for just over 3 months. I have had 2 small clownfish in it for the past 6 weeks. Yesterday my kids and I drove the 1.5 hrs to our local fish store to get our next fish. We spent at least 2 hours at the store talking about the tank...
  6. IMG_8192.JPG


    Canary Top Wrass - (Halichoeres leucoxanthus)
  7. IMG_8199.JPG


    Red line wrasse - (Halichoeres biocellatus) I still can't believe it's a red line wrasse but we'll see.
  8. TNreeferBX

    Inverts for High end flasher wrasses

    my most recent project has landed me in possession of some very nice/expensive flasher wrasses. Currently I have a supermale flame wrasse with a female mate. along with those beauts, this weekend i have a half banded flasher male coming from a phillipines stop after their home madagascar. for...
  9. Perpetual Novice

    Does anyone know what my wrasses are going?

    There are 2 female leopard wrasses introduced together and great companions for the last 6 months or so. Today I saw them doing this. Not sure whether to be concerned.
  10. Castaway6

    Can i feed a captured bristleworm to my six line?

    Big worm- little fish Long story short I finally caught a bristleworm that was living in my pico reef. Its BIG about 2-3 inches maybe and fat. I have a frag tank with a six line in it, still pretty small. I know people use wrasse as a pest control for these guys. But I'm wondering if a six line...
  11. G

    Truly bizarre tang aggression

    Tonight I ran into, without question, one of the strangest things I ever have in all my days keeping fish. I recently finished adding my fish back to the DT after a long fallow period for ich. They’ve been back about two weeks, and tonight I cut the lights off a little early to acclimate a new...
  12. Perpetual Novice

    It’s been a week. When do I need to intervene to save my wrasse who is always buried?

    I added a couple new wrasses to a tank with two established leopard wrasses. One of the two new wrasses is also a leopard wrasse. It is intimidated by the other fish and stays buried all day except a couple days where it emerged for less than five minutes. I managed to catch the interaction on...
  13. Perpetual Novice

    Wrasse aggression help needed

    I have a tank with two resident female leopard wrasses. I recently added an ornate leopard wrasse (a different species than the ones I have) and a yellow coris wrasse to my tank at the same time. The yellow wrasse adjusted well and the established wrasses accepted it without a second thought...
  14. Perpetual Novice

    Will I run out of copepods? Should I add another wrasse?

    I have a 100 gallon reef tank with lots of live rock and 2 leopard wrasses. The wrasses have been fat and happy for about 6 months now. They hunt all day but I think they get most of their food gorging themselves on frozen food. I want to add another wrasse to the tank. I am thinking of adding...
  15. Perpetual Novice

    Is a Six-Line Wrasse a bad idea?

    I have a melanurus wrasse that has outgrown my 30 galloon biocube and will soon be moving to my 100 gallon reef. I want to replace him with another wrasse that helps with pest control and was thinking of maybe getting a six-line wrasse. Plenty of people say they are great community fish and...
  16. Perpetual Novice

    Can I mix species of wrasses?

    I have 2 leopard wrasses in a 100 gallon tank. I Have heard leopard wrasses are very peaceful and was thinking of adding a yellow coris wrasse to the tank community. Is this a bad idea?
  17. RaeOfSunshine

    Distressed fish after best friend dies

    Hey guys, My peacock wrasse is distressed after his best mate jumped and I'm really worried about him :( He's swimming erratically not eating like he should and iv put something over the top of the tank now but I'm scared if he gets the chance he will jump to! Do I get him a new wrasse friend...
  18. Wrangy

    Wrangy's Reef Dungeon (Waterbox 170)

    Welp, as some may know I've been reefing since about 2012. I started out with a 2ft cube that I loved and then moved out and in with my partner 4 years ago and took the opportunity to upgrade to a larger system. That tank went well for the first couple years but then after several major issues...
  19. smartwater101

    Coris wrasse, instead of sixline, for frag tank? (pest control: all wrasse created equal?)

    Other than making sure it has some sand, would a Coris wrasse do as much pest control as a sixline? I hate my sixline. Hes a typical jerk and I really love the look of green coris. Thoughts?
  20. Perpetual Novice

    When will my leopard wrasse change sex?

    I have two leopard wrasses 4 inch and 3 inch roughly. They both have the speckled female color pattern and look roughly the same except for size. They are active, eat well, and get along great. Usually they are within a foot of each other at any given time so they seem to prefer to swim and hunt...
  21. Perpetual Novice

    Baby red coris wrasse. Minimum tank size for first 2 months

    Hi all. I am stocking a fish only tank and decided I want to add a red coris wrasse. I’ve kept one once before but ended up taking down the tank a few months lather when I moved. Last time I bought the wrasse as an adult but this time I’m buying a tiny juvenile (about 1.5 inches) since I’ve...
  22. trmiv

    Stop Melanarus wrasse from destroying nori?

    So before I added my Melanarus wrasse to the tank my Tomini tang used to calmly graze on nori over the course of a few hours. Now whenever I put nori on a rock or clip the Melanarus will shred it to bits and have to floating around the tank in a million pieces in about 30 seconds, making a...
  23. Pau Hana Reefer

    Pau Hana Reefer's 1 Year Old 90 Gallon

    Welcome to my thread on my 90 gallon mixed reef tank. Follow along and feel free to chime in with comments, suggestions, questions, or just to say 'hi.' The first page of this thread is pretty lengthy and details how I built my DIY stand and canopy back in 2018. Jump ahead to...
  24. M

    Leopard wrasse sex questions!

    Hi all, I have a 1.5" female leopard wrasse. Will she change to male with no other wrasse present or stay female? Do they change sex?- ive read conflicting information and found males and females for sale- but not sure what happens when you start with juveniles. Also if they do change and I...
  25. What's Wrong With My Wrasse?

    Intermediate Topic What's Wrong With My Wrasse?

    Note from the Editor: The article below was written by @4FordFamily, a Reef2Reef staff member, however the article was also created with the help and input from @eatbreakfast @evolved @HotRocks, all prominent members of the Reef2Reef community and marine fish experts. The wrasse photos...