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  2. Perpetual Novice

    Baby red coris wrasse. Minimum tank size for first 2 months

    Hi all. I am stocking a fish only tank and decided I want to add a red coris wrasse. I’ve kept one once before but ended up taking down the tank a few months lather when I moved. Last time I bought the wrasse as an adult but this time I’m buying a tiny juvenile (about 1.5 inches) since I’ve...
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    Let's Talk Livestock... Updates ALL Weekend on What's in Stock NOW!

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  4. trmiv

    Stop Melanarus wrasse from destroying nori?

    So before I added my Melanarus wrasse to the tank my Tomini tang used to calmly graze on nori over the course of a few hours. Now whenever I put nori on a rock or clip the Melanarus will shred it to bits and have to floating around the tank in a million pieces in about 30 seconds, making a...
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    Large Livestock - L, XL, XXL, Show & JUMBO Sizes Available

    As of Saturday, July 13, 2019 @7:00 p.m. EST Angels Blueface Angel –XXL – 1, Jumbo – 1 Cortez Angel – Large – 2 Flame Angel – Large – Lots! Emperor Angel, Adult, Indonesia – Large – 1 Interruptus Angel – Large – 1 Koran Angel – Large – 1 Multicolor Angel – Large – 10 Passer Angel – XL...
  6. M

    Leopard wrasse sex questions!

    Hi all, I have a 1.5" female leopard wrasse. Will she change to male with no other wrasse present or stay female? Do they change sex?- ive read conflicting information and found males and females for sale- but not sure what happens when you start with juveniles. Also if they do change and I...
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    RARE Livestock That We Have Right Now!

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  8. What's Wrong With My Wrasse?

    Intermediate Topic What's Wrong With My Wrasse?

    Note from the Editor: The article below was written by @4FordFamily, a Reef2Reef staff member, however the article was also created with the help and input from @eatbreakfast @evolved @HotRocks, all prominent members of the Reef2Reef community and marine fish experts. The wrasse photos...
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    In Stock Inventory that we don't see every day!

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    Large Livestock - L, XL, XXL & Show Sizes Available (Coral, Fish & Inverts)

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  11. trmiv

    API General Cure and melanarus wrasse question

    I'm prophylactically treating my melanarus wrasse for flukes since I know a fish from the same source that died in another QT had flukes. This wrasse has eaten like a horse (she will take down an entire cube of PE mysis by herself in minutes) since I got her Saturday, so yesterday around noon I...
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    Weekly Fish Trifecta & Cleaner Pack Deals

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  13. Bmwm235i

    New Jersey Wrasses FS

    I have two Wrasses up for sale, need to re-home them. Both have been through multiple rounds of Prazi, full treatment of copper, and GC. They are healthy and parasite free. They eat frozen brine, frozen mysis, live black worms, live brine. The lepoard Wrasse I have had for 2.5 years...
  14. CltBadger

    Yellow coris wrasse & stomatella snails?

    Hey, Does anyone know if a yellow coris wrasse will eat stomatella snails? I'm considering getting a yellow coris wrasse but I have a lot of stomatella snails who keep my tank without any algae. I'm concerned the wrasse will eat the snails thus allowing the algae to grow?
  15. J

    Lineatus fairy wrasse not eating

    I have a Lineatus wrasse that I just got from LA which is not eating and hiding in acclimation box. I have two sections of PVC zip tied together in acclimation box for him to hide in and that is all he does is hide. He will move from one section of PVC to the other but never when I am in the...
  16. FishyBusinessAq

    New ACROS & FISH loaded in Davy Jones Locker!

  17. Jaag

    Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse with Internal Parasites

    My YBP wrasse has internal parasites. How do I go about treating him? Thank you
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  24. L

    Best sand for wrasse and diamond goby

    I'm trying to finish the planning on my new tank upgrade. I'd like to have some sand dwelling wrasse as well as a diamond goby to sift sand and keep it clean. I'm also planning on having a fair amount of water movement generated by powerheads in the tank for my mixed reef so don't want to...