1. Squeven

    Six line wrasse aggressive towards watchman goby

    I have had a watchman goby and a six line wrasse living together in a 32 gallon aquarium for two months. I just saw the wrasse attacking the goby. The wrasse isn’t bugging my other fish. Do I need to rehome the wrasse, or is there something else I could try? Water parameters are stable, only...
  2. Lacrette1991

    Kenya Tree vs Bubble Tip

    Hey everyone, just thought I’d share some more photos of my aquarium. stocked with 2 ocellaris clowns, 1 pink skunk clown, 1 blunt head wrasse, 1 cleaner shrimp, various clean up crew. Corals are Kenya Tree, Bubble Tip Anemone, Pulsing Xenia, Green star polyps, devilsfinger, forest fire...
  3. Chipper1978

    Does Such a Wrasse Exist?

    So I am looking to add a wrasse to my Waterbox 130.4. Needs to be... -reef safe (I have mostly LPS with some SPS) -invert safe (I have a variety of snails and a blood red fire shrimp) -not overly shy (many of the fish I have only show themselves to eat, e.g,, royal gramma, purple firefish)...
  4. Manda0597

    Wrasses in Tampa Bay Area?

    anyone know of a good LFS to buy Wrasses from? I am looking for a colorful fairy wrasse. Only ones I have seen at my LFS are the Cleaner Wrasse, Four-Line and Six-Lines.
  5. Lacrette1991

    Aquarium update

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted! Just thought I’d share a few photos of my 26 Gallon. Thanks to the advice from a few of you my aquarium has never looked better!
  6. BighohoReef

    Washington WTB Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse

    Looking for this little guy... Anyone selling a healthy one? I'm hoping to see a picture and a video of it eating if possible. Thanks!
  7. ngservet5

    Connecticut Massachusetts Lunar Wrasse XL

    Looking to sell an XL Lunar Wrasse. Real healthy and active swimmer in reef tank. Breaking down tank because we are moving. These fish have the reputation for being aggressive but this one is actually rather docile. Had two clowns with him and some other peaceful fish with no issues...
  8. esther

    I'm getting a Lineatus Fairy Wrasse tomorrow and I want to see pics of yours!

    I'm super excited to add another fish to the tank. And I'm even more excited to add this fish because I think they're so beautiful. Anyone else out there have one? Please post your pics below and how long you've had your fishy. :)
  9. Foxchase

    Wrasse suggestion

    Are there any wrasse that would be reef and invert safe? I do have shrimp.
  10. B Lo

    Okay to put fish in display from QT?

    I have a run-of-the-mill clownfish in QT with a pink margin fairy wrasse. They've been in there for almost three weeks. From the get go, I've had them dosed with ParaGuard despite neither showing any symptoms upon arrival. I've also fed them frozen food soaked with Seachem's Focus, KanaPlex, and...
  11. B Lo

    Wrasse ectoparasite

    I ordered a couple of fish from LiveAquaria: an ORA Picasso Clownfish and a Diver's Den Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse. This was my first time ordering from Diver's Den. The wrasse arrived this morning with a white spot at the top front of its dorsal fin which I noticed while drip acclimating for...
  12. B Lo

    Wrasse ectoparasite

    Content removed by OP. Mistakenly double posted. Please see other thread with same name. Thanks!
  13. Schwab94


    Ive got two little clams in my tank and over night one of the clams appears to have opened up so wide it split in two. My second clam looks just like it did yesterday but im now worried that he may be next for what effected the first. Had both clams for about 3 months now, they're my first clams...
  14. C

    Quarantine is over for someone in my household!

    My Christmas wrasse is in the tank! I’ve been searching for one for months and he has just finished quarantine.
  15. MrDeathKills

    Some questions about information on fish.

    Thank you first off for reading and your possible help in this situation! I am getting a 125gal set up. Right now just going over some fish just so I can have a mock plan for the future. Will not be getting any fish till at least 2 months or more from now, as I will be doing a very deep clean...
  16. C

    Discoloration on Wrasse

    Just got this Christmas wrasse early this week. He’s been in QT for a few days now and I noticed some slight discoloration on his side. Currently feeding him medicated food daily (API GC + Focus + Selcon). He’s had normal poop, swimming and eating normally. Anything to be worried about? Should I...
  17. Chrille26

    Chrille26: Mixed 35 gallon reef in progress!

    Hey! Two years ago I made my first attempt at keeping a reef at home. That time I went with a 13g cube with a HOB filter and I made most of the misstakes you can read about in the beginnersection of this forum. This time I decided to do my homework and really create the tank I visioned last...
  18. R

    Clean up crew demise

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I have a question if been meaning to ask for a while, I’ve been wondering how you guys may offset this issue. How do you keep your reef clean if you have for example a puffer fish that loves eating your clean up crew? Is there a way you can maintain a...
  19. Reefer37

    Melanurus Wrasse Ick?

    Hey guys, so I'm still fairly new to reefing and this is my first wrasse and I've never had a parasite issue before, so bare with me. Couple days ago got a Melanurus Wrasse from my LFS and never noticed anything on him when I got him and hadn't noticed any weird behavior at the store. He was...
  20. C

    HELP! I accidently bought an Ornate Leopard Wrasse!!

    Hello, I have a 45 gal bow front tank that has been running for just over 3 months. I have had 2 small clownfish in it for the past 6 weeks. Yesterday my kids and I drove the 1.5 hrs to our local fish store to get our next fish. We spent at least 2 hours at the store talking about the tank...
  21. IMG_8192.JPG


    Canary Top Wrass - (Halichoeres leucoxanthus)
  22. IMG_8199.JPG


    Red line wrasse - (Halichoeres biocellatus) I still can't believe it's a red line wrasse but we'll see.
  23. TNreeferBX

    Inverts for High end flasher wrasses

    my most recent project has landed me in possession of some very nice/expensive flasher wrasses. Currently I have a supermale flame wrasse with a female mate. along with those beauts, this weekend i have a half banded flasher male coming from a phillipines stop after their home madagascar. for...
  24. Perpetual Novice

    Does anyone know what my wrasses are going?

    There are 2 female leopard wrasses introduced together and great companions for the last 6 months or so. Today I saw them doing this. Not sure whether to be concerned.
  25. Castaway6

    Can i feed a captured bristleworm to my six line?

    Big worm- little fish Long story short I finally caught a bristleworm that was living in my pico reef. Its BIG about 2-3 inches maybe and fat. I have a frag tank with a six line in it, still pretty small. I know people use wrasse as a pest control for these guys. But I'm wondering if a six line...
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