1. F

    Large Build Rare fish stocking

    I have a 200 gallon, 7’ by 26” by 26”, heavily filtered. I already have Hi fin snapper 8” Naso tang Female 9” Magnificent foxface 7” Emperor angel 6” Polleni grouper 5” Blue throat trigger 5” Purple tang 4” Bi color angel 3 Powder blue tang 3” Want to add Achilles tang Male blonde naso tang...
  2. 1Matthew

    Massive Fish Death

    Well, seems like all my fish which just arrived Monday are dying. Many came seeming to be very stressed and some with physical signs of some sort of problem. So far, 5 of them have died. This is mainly anthias and wrasse. They pretty much all seem to start having rapid respiration and develop...
  3. P

    New yellow coris wrasses keep dying

    I’ve recently purchased a yellow coris wrasse from marine collectors and followed their acclamation protocol and noticed that the fish was floating upside down and not moving much but I figured it was just stressed from shipping so I put it in my tank with my other fish which are all either from...
  4. V

    Nano stocking

    Hello, I’m looking to stock my Fluval evo 13.5. I saw someone on here that stocked theirs with a pair of ocellaris, a yasha shrimp goby, and a six line wrasse. I’m suprised how many fish they have in the tank since I see most people saying the maximum would be a pair of clowns. Can I stock mine...
  5. AdotBdot

    Wrasse or Other Fish Suggestions for my final addition

    Hi all, I have a waterbox X 60.2 (55 gallon system, 38 gallon display). I have cycled my tank for 2 months. 1st month ghost feeding, second month with snails. I now after 4 months have 7 fish and want to add one final fish to finish it up and then keep maintaining it. I have a planned upgrade...
  6. BenConrad

    Help diagnosing acute skin issue with orange back fairy wrasse

    Hello, I acquired this wrasse from the LFS on Sunday evening (~72 hours ago). He looked perfectly healthy and skin was clear. Before introducing him to my QT tank (20 gallon, established bio filter), I did a (prophylactic) Ruby Reef Rally bath (1tsp/gallon) for ~80 minutes. Copper power in the...
  7. rhpmiller

    New York FISH FOR SALE. Juvenile Tomini Tang & Inverts (UPDATED: GONE)

    (ALL GONE) I'm moving across the country in a couple months and am having to break down my tank. Now that I have unloaded a decent chunk of my corals, I'm starting to sell off my fish and inverts. I'm happy to be super transparent, as I'd like these fish and inverts to go to fellow hobbyists...
  8. D

    North Carolina Rehoming Pair of longfin clowns, red christmas wrasse, midas blenny

    Hello everyone, currently in the process of breaking down a 60g tank with the following livestock. For more details and pictures message me and ill provide them. Pair for $200- Longfin Phantom clown (bigger clown) Longfin Black Ice clown Golden Midas Blenny $40 Red Christmas Wrasse $45 Only...
  9. Eag808

    Florida South Florida sharks eels angels puffers triggers tangs wrasse etc. FOR SALE

    Hello everyone, unfortunately I’m downsizing and have to get rid of some of my tanks. I have a 210 gallon dual overflow with gloss black stand Live rock/sand, E shopps rs300 sump, Red sea reefer rsk-900 protein skimmer, wave makers, AquaMaxx TS-2 Sulfur Denitrator, 3 hygger 30 watt lights...
  10. SomeHappyFish

    Wrasse ideas for 33Gallon Long/shallow

    Sixline seems to agressive Possum and/or pink streak are never available in my area... Ideas?
  11. W

    Help prevent excessive algae growth, Kessil Ap9x settings for Red Sea Reefer 250

    Hey Reefers, I recently started a Red Sea Reefer 250 tank! I’m currently 4 months in and things are slowly settling in with the nitrates and fishes are comfy! I had a question about Kessil lighting and what settings I should run. Ever since I got the Kessil light there has been excessive algae...
  12. marcosnano

    Is my yellow coris wrasse sick or just beat up?

    Hello reefers, Here is the video of my yellow wrasse in my tank, I got it yesterday from LFS. The fish didn't seem that beat up over there but it was under white lights. In my tank under blue lights it looks pretty beat up as you can see. I switched to white lights in my tank and most of...
  13. J

    Wrasse ID?

    I ordered a Brunneus fairy wrasse but it doesn’t look like the one in the photo . Is it because I received a female version ? It’s a lot more red than black .
  14. T

    Three wrasse combo

    I am looking to add three wrasse to my tank after a tank crash a while ago. I have a 50gal display that's 48"long, and I am looking for three reef safe wrasse to put in. I am thinking a possum wrasse might have to be one of them due to being docile and good cleaners. I am open to suggestions...
  15. S

    Fish selection, but with a catch

    So I have a very large green carpet anemone, it’s about 12 inches in diameter. This anemone is hosted my clown fish and in the back of the tank in the shape of a toco in between top rocks. I’m trying to determine weather I should get a leopard wrasse or mandarin goby. The last thing I want is...
  16. taylormaximus

    Your experience with six line wrasse aggression?

    I've heard probably most people say they had huge aggression issues with six lines, and a few claim they were model citizens. I would love to have one, but I'm wondering what circumstances you've had that resulted in aggression or peacefulness? Specifically tank size, other inhabitants, and also...
  17. Nutramar Foods

    Male African Pencil Wrasse

    This remarkable male African Pencil Wrasse has made its way onto our WYSIWYG! Multiple specimens can be housed together, and it's quite possible to mix more than one species from this genus. Compared to most wrasses, Pseudojuloides are exceptionally peaceful and often quite timid. This must be...
  18. B

    EMERGENCY Bacterial infection on Wrasse

    So I am in need of help. About 3 weeks ago I lost a fairy wrasse in qt to what I thought was a bacterial infection so I started treating the rest of the fish in the quarantine tank. One of those being this leopard wrasse. Now almost three weeks later of medicating the tank I am almost certain I...
  19. S

    Stocking for 75 gallon

    Hi all! I recently upgraded my tank to from a 34 gal cube to a 75 gallon, right now it’s fish and live rock however we will be getting some coral’s eventually. Current stocking list is: Wyoming white clown Royal gramma Firefish goby Eibli red striped angelfish 2 Picasso clowns Blue neon goby...
  20. F

    Florida Fish for sale in Tampa fl

    Purple dotty back-10 Lineatus wrasse super male-250$ Fire angel-75$ Blue star leopard wrasse-75$ Purple tang-150$ Mandarin goby that eats mysis shrimp-50$ These are currently the fish I have for sale I do not have many good pictures of them but they are all in good health They must all be...
  21. M

    20 gallon long Stocking Options

    I have a 20 gallon long tank running for 1 year. It currently has 2 clowns and a yw goby. I have a HOB filter, protein skimmer, and oversized UV light. I would like to add some colorful and practical fish. Here are a few possible additions I came up with, which one do you all think will work...
  22. Gill the 3rd

    Pennsylvania Lanare Wrasse for sale - $20

    I'm taking my tank towards a more reef friendly direction and looking to sell my Lunare Wrasse. He is about 6 inches. He does fine with other fish. I've had him with other wrasses and he has been fine with them.
  23. I

    Stocking ideas for 60 gal?

    Hello! I wanted to get some input on stocking ideas for my 60-gallon reef tank. Right now it's mainly empty (just a clownfish and royal gramma) and a bunch of corals. The tank itself is pretty well-established and I'm considering getting a more 'finicky' fish but can't seem to make up my mind...
  24. LiveAquaria

    African Marine Life is Back in Stock at LiveAquaria®

    See incredible aquatic life that is among the best the world has to offer. This includes many of your favorites like: Tangs Wrasses Angels Triggers and soon-to-be favorites. Visit us to see them all! https://bit.ly/3MxyfwV
  25. Nutramar Foods

    Photo of The Week: Freckle Face Broom Tail Wrasse

    The Freckle Face Broom Tail Wrasse occurs in the Western Indian Ocean where adults inhabit coral reefs, sand and seagrass habitats up to 30 meters deep. They mostly feed on invertebrates, so are known to snack on clean-up crew members in aquariums. For continued health please feed them a mix of...