1. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Wrasse Owns Tank :(

    I have 2 clownfish and a marble/checkerboard/hortulanus wrasse in my 125g. Wrasse attacks clowns when food is dropped yet, wrasse won't eat it. Clowns are confined to the top of the water or the corners. The wrasse always watches them. The clownfish don't fight back. I feel as though I should...
  2. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Wrasse not swimming smoothly?

    Ever since I got my wrasse he didn't swim smoothly. He swims with a bobing motion. Don't know how else to describe it. Looks like he had swim bladder when I first got him home. He is swimming upright and fine except for this swimming motion. Looks as though his front 2 fins are slightly eaten...
  3. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    How to get marble/ checkerboard wrasse to eat?

    Was wondering if I should pick up some bloodworms or maybe brine shrimp from my lfs. My marble wrasse won't eat pe mysis shrimp or Hikari Marine S pellets. He has picked up the pellets but spit them back out. Had this wrasse for about a week now. He comes out every now and then to look ok for...
  4. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Wrasse and eggs

    Now I have just bought a marble/checkerboard wrasse about 3" long. I'm not sure if I have enough pods for him to munch on. Now, I have spionid worms in the sand that I think I've seen him peck at. Today is the 2nd or 3rd day I have him. I was wondering does the wrasse/.wrasses like to eat cerith...
  5. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Lol, I find this funny.

    My wrasse poking his eye out. This is about 2 hours after I added him to my tank. It's sad to see him stressed, but funny at the same time. What a character! Can you spot his eye in this photo?
  6. M

    Wrasse question…

    Looking into purchasing a Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse but want to know if it is better to buy an initial phase or a terminal phase male? I know the initial phase will eventually reach the terminal phase but some threads suggest that he will not develop as vibrant coloration if transitioning as a...
  7. R

    Calling all wrasse experts!

    Hello everyone! I need help introducing fairy wrasses to my dt! I know every fish is different and may have different mannerisms but I want to add a lot of wrasses to my display tank and I want you all to offer me some guidance and the order of introduction as well as shut my ideas down if you...
  8. Petrichor

    Is this aggression normal (cardinalfish vs wrasse)?

    Hey all, I'm not sure if my fish are having aggression issues or if this is normal behaviour. Any advice is appreciated! I recently downsized from a 24g to a Fluval 13.5. In it I have plenty of live rock with many crevices, tunnels, and hideyholes, my corals (mostly small except for a "large"...
  9. AquariumDomain

    Build Thread 600 gallon DIY Reef Slope Aquarium Build

    I had been using my 600 gallon aquarium to grow out Shaks / Rays / Groupers for my 1800 gallon Predator Bay tank. Now that all the fish are moved over, that leaves the 600 gallon ready to be made into its own thing, a Reef Slope aquarium. Aquarium Specs: - 600 gallon DIY aquarium 72" x 48" x...
  10. F

    Florida Rhomboid golden fairy wrasse

    Where can I get this in the Tampa area also if anyone has one that they’d want to get rid of I’d be interested
  11. H

    Sailfin Tang Rapid Breathing

    Hi all, I'm really struggling to diagnose what's wrong with my sailfin tang. Video here, for reference. https://photos.app.goo.gl/c8uhYJnE43gBVjk37 This tang is breathing very quickly, which is definitely quite concerning to me. On Saturday I brought an info hammer home from my LFS. I had...
  12. Ben Pedersen

    What is a Fair Price

    I'm sad to say that after 4+ years it's time to part with my amazing Bird Wrasses. They are fat, healthy, beautiful, and tame (they eat out of your hand). I will only sell the pair together. The question is, how much should I sell the pair for? They are approximately 8" from nose to tail...
  13. Bepis

    California Fully QT’D Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse FS (Cirrhilabrus lyukyuensis)

    I have a yellow flanked fairy wrasse, also know as Blueside fairy wrasse or Cirrhilabrus lyukyuensis. He was fully qtd for 2 months as well as observation afterwards. Currently he measures in at about 4” and is a extremely voracious eater. He is male coloration (terminal phase). He is...
  14. Bepis

    California Fully QT’d Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse/Cirrhilabrus cf cyanopleura for sale

    Bought it from DD about a year and a half ago, I then qt’d it for 2 months with observation, she is about 4 inches and surprisingly still hasn’t transitioned to terminal phase (this is probably due to the lack of any other wrasse in the tank) She is fat and a veracious predator. She has been...
  15. Gonj

    Hole in Wrasse?!

    I noticed my wrasse had a little hole in hit top fin yesterday, didn’t think much of it dismissed it as probably scuffing himself up while burying himself. Today the hole is considerably larger and he has a white circle in his side. I have 4 other fish none of which show similar symptoms and the...
  16. thevelvetdragon

    92 Gallon Reef Tank Stocking List

    Hi guys! We are getting a 92 gallon tank this weekend that we're buying from someone. It's an already established tank, but since we've had the worst luck with parasites we are going to clean it out and let it sit before adding water to it and starting over. That being said, I'm an avid planner...
  17. D

    Invert Safe Wrasses?

    What are the most invert safe wrasses? I don’t have a reef tank or coral or anything, just looking for a wrasse that won’t mess with inverts such as crabs, snails, conches, shrimp, etc. I have a male bird wrasse now, will definitely have to trade him in but let me know.
  18. andiesreef

    POLL: Would you feel comfortable keeping a McCoskers or Carpenter flasher wrasse in a 20g long?

    Hello everyone! I have heard very mixed opinions on flasher wrasses in 20g tanks. Some people say it's totally fine and do so with seemingly happy and healthy wrasses, while I've seen others say that these active fish need tanks of at least 55g. I'm curious as to what you all think? I'd love to...
  19. Gonj

    Stocking suggestion for 55g?

    I recently got a waterbox 85.3 frag tank, according to the sticker the display up top is about 55 gallons rest is in the sump. was wondering if anyone can share input on colorful interactive fish, nothing too skittish , goal is a reef tank so preferably reef safe or with caution would be good...
  20. R

    Salon fairy wrasse with some sort of bacterial infection?

    Hi guys can you help me identify what this is and recommend treatment? Currently it’s in a 75 gallon qt tank running some copper under .8ppm and I dosed knaplex and metroplex as well as prazi in the past 2 weeks, running carbon at the moment.
  21. nanonøkk

    i’m sorry about yesterday and i need some wrasse help

    all i really need is help with my wrasse and you can skip the first paragraph as it’s only an apology about yesterday. ok as some of you know i had a whole incident that almost led to me not being alive lucky a family member stepped in before i cut too deep into myself but i’m not going to...
  22. nanonøkk

    about to quit

    ok so i just had my first coral loss today my sun coral all was ok up to a week ago it wouldn’t open or even respond to food and today it finally died with it fully receding. and then my next problem is my pygmy wrasse which went from glass surfing to hiding and sleeping all day. i thought...
  23. missourimud

    Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis quarantining

    I am looking for the best qt method for a rhomboid. I have 4 fish in my tank so far and none were quarantined by me. I now know this was foolishness but with the amount I was learning I did not see the value like I do now. It appears that wrasse in general seem to be more picky about...
  24. Jordan Wright

    Red-lined Wrasse

    Has anyone had any experience with the red line wrasse? thinking about getting one, just want to know what others think about this wrasse (:
  25. Jordan Wright

    Leopard wrasses

    Hi i was just wondering what everyone’s opinions are on leopard wrasses? i want to get one, which one is the easiest to take care of and isn’t as sensitive?
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