1. CaliDanhReef

    California WTB WTB Xr30 RMS kit shipped

    Looking for one xr30 rms kit. Shipped.
  2. twhit030

    Florida Ecotech radion xr15 blue gen 5

    I have a brand new radion xr15 gen 5 was going to use it for a tank but decided to upgrade to a bigger tank and now I need xr30 light has never been plugged in it was never opened until I asked my wife to “send me a pic of the light” and she opened it to send pictures oops my fault haha. $420...

    **Win a RADION G5 XR30 Pro w/ RMS**(GOING ON NOW!!!)

    We're having a huge Memorial Day sale and one of the prizes is a Radion XR30 G5 Pro with RMS bracket. Signing up is quick and easy just click here: [RADION GIVEAWAY] Interested in the other awesome things we're giving away? Checkout our Memorial Day Mega Sale thread RIGHT HERE.
  4. N

    Pennsylvania 3- Gen 2 Radion XR30’s

    I have 3 in total Gen 2 Radion XR30’s; Two are non Pro models and One is a Pro model. Light scratches and super glue is on one of them from previous owner. They all work fine. They do all have the upgraded fans, previous owner did that right before I bought them. Non pro-$200 each Pro...
  5. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED T5 ATI Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid 48" 8 Bulb Fixture

    I am selling my ATI Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid 48" 8 Bulb Fixture 3 led clusters. This thing is an absolute PAR monster and is practically plug and play. I am trying to not ship this thing just because of the size. I am asking $1,000 picked up in Kersey, PA.
  6. W

    Texas 25 lagoon equipment radion xr30 gen 4 pro, rms, diffuser, ato, sump, fuge, reservoir, chemicals, and more!

    Pick up is in COLLEGE STATION - Or I can ship at buyers expense Trigger 5 gallon Reservoir Tank - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $80 Icecap ato - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $70 Icecap K1 nano skimmer, needs some cleaning - 70 Xr30 gen 4 PRO - 500 Diffuser - 40 RMS arm mount - 80 Light, diffuser, and arm for...
  7. CoralNerd

    California F.S. Ecotech Radion Gen5 Blue XR30

    Pickup in Fullerton, CA I guess you can have too much light so I'm selling one of my new gen5 xr30 blue radions. Used for two weeks at 50% intensity. The light includes the original box and everything that came in it. Manufactured Date Feb 2021. If you have any questions send me a message...
  8. W

    Texas 25 lagoon break down! radion xr30 pro gen 4, rms, ato, skimmer, gyre, and more!

    Pick up is in COLLEGE STATION - Or I can ship at buyers expense click imgur for more detailed pictures of everything Trigger 5 gallon Reservoir Tank - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $80 Icecap ato - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $70 Icecap K1 nano skimmer, needs some cleaning - 70 Icecap 1k gyre, one side is new...
  9. D

    California WTB Want to buy 2-3 XR 15 blue gen 5 and or 1-2 XR 30 blue gen 5

    Hey Everyone! I am looking to buy 2 xr15 blue gen 5's with the RMS mounting system. They can be either new or used no preference. Will consider taking 3 XR 15 blues if you have or 2 XR 15 blues and one xr30 blue gen 5. Thanks!
  10. T

    Need more light for tank upgrade: Radion vs. Reefbreeders

    Hi all, I’m seeking some lighting advice for my new tank upgrade. I am upgrading to a 60” by 30” peninsula. I currently have 2 Radion XR30 G4 pros over my current tank (Reefer 350). I debating between adding a third Radion XR30 G5 or selling both my G4’s and just getting a Reefbreeders Photon...
  11. J

    Ecotech Radion XR30 G4 Pro Lights

    Looking to sell some Radion XR30 G4 Pro Leds. I have 11 available. All lights come with free RMS Slide mount. $450 ea shipped via UPS/FedEx w/insurance & signature. Buy 2 for $850 Buy 4 for $1600 Buy 11 for $4000 This are still hooked up and working, I'll take them down and box up this weekend.
  12. Rrwilson1223

    Radion XR30 Gen5 AB+ Question

    Hi all, I’m upgrading from 4 RedSea 90s to 3 Radion XR30 G5 Blues over my Red Sea Reefer 750. Was wondering what intensity other folks recommended for my type of tank with mostly Acropora/SPS? I’m planning on running the Coral Lab AB+ setting. Bought the mounts which will place the lights at...
  13. Gmantu

    Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen 2

    I am looking at purchasing an eco tech xr30 gen 2. What is a fair price to offer? The prices I’ve seen online are around 250. This seems a bit much for a light that is now obsolete and is no longer being manufactured.
  14. Maks Reef

    Illinois Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Ecotech Reeflink

    Ecotech Reeflink - The item is used and works perfectly. 75 shipped
  15. Maks Reef

    Illinois Lighting LED EcoTech XR30 Diffusers

    Brand new in package. I have 6 of these. Shipping will be ground service with either USPS or UPS. 1 @ 65 shipped 2 @ 125 shipped 3 @ 180 Shipped 4 @ 230 shipped 5 @ 275 Shipped 6 @ 310 Shipped
  16. TopShelfAquatics

    Dry Goods Tons of equipment up for grabs

    Hey guys and gals we have accumulated a lot of used equipment. We will start posting in this thread the list with prices. There is over 200 items so we are going to start listing them now. Apex, Ecotech, Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus and much more. All equipment has been tested before being...
  17. Dythomas11

    Lighting LED Radion XR30 GEN 3 & Ai Prime w/mount

    Purchased a complete set up from another reefer and don’t have use for either of these anymore. Both work perfectly, maybe need a decent cleaning. Radion XR30 Gen 3 - $325 shipped AI Prime (white) w/ tank mount - $150 shipped
  18. Joe Rogers

    Radion XR30 Power Supply Replacement (Gen 4)

    I somehow misplaced the power supply for my Radion XR30 while moving. The OEM replacement parts seem unnecessarily expensive...
  19. wake122

    Florida Georgia 93 Cube Tank Breakdown (Custom Stand/ Sump, Radion, Neptune Trident, Neptune DOS, Algae Scrubber, BRS 2 part)

    Breaking down one of my tanks so I can spend more time with my little one. $900- Tank, Custom Stand/ Canopy and Custom Sump (pick up only Flowery Branch, Ga) 93 Gallon cube tank Custom built Stand (inside the stand has lights with a switch on the side) Canopy with retrofit T5 24" x2 lights 45...
  20. thereefingguy

    California Aquarium Controller Lighting FS: Apex lite, Radion G5 XR30 blue

    Apex lite comes with 2 eb8’s (#1 outlet is stuck on), ph and temp probe. I’ll also include an extra brain that’s locked (needs apex display) and an apex jr that’s broken. Apex lot: $275 shipped. Radion G5 XR30 Blue: $750 shipped. Local pick up in 562, CA.
  21. C

    Florida Miscellaneous Dry Good Blowout - Everything 50% Off

    I sold off 2 of my RedSea 750's, so I have the following item for sale: White Aqua UV 25/57 Watt - $240.00 - Originally bought as a 25 watt version, planned to upgrade to 57 watt so this will come with the following: 25w Ballast 25w Bulb - Used 6 months 57w Ballast - Brand New 57w Bulb -...
  22. Khonho

    Connecticut LED [Ct] Xr30 blue

    barely used xr30 blue. 750
  23. n4s

    Illinois LED Radion XR30W Gen 4 w/diffuser

    Radion Gen4 XR30w (non pro) with diffuser and original faceplate. Comes with everything pictured. Used for 1.5 years. $525 shipped
  24. thereefingguy

    California FS: Radion G4 XR30 Pro

    Purchased when the G5’s were out of stock. So I haven’t put it up. I don’t have the box. Firm $550 shipped. $500 picked up in Downey, CA
  25. CaptainOver

    Radion Gen5 XR15/XR30 Observations and Issues

    First off, the new LED layout and light spread looks great. So at their primary function the lights seem to succeed. However, for the premium we pay for these lights, the whole package isn't up to the quality I would expect. I've contacted Ecotech but haven't heard back yet. For context, I...
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