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  1. D

    Zen Reef review //Terrible experience// Do not buy from them!

    Hey Everyone, I have never posted a negative review about a company on the forum before but feel that I need to about Zen Reef. I just want to say that first off their products look amazing, just wish their customer service wasn't this bad. When I placed my order for their Photo Box they...
  2. R&J Reefs

    California Miscellaneous Parting out Red Sea reefer 750

    All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. All equipment used for about 1-11/2 years . Everything is in excellent condition. AI hydra 52’s I have 3 total 400.00 each includes hms rail mount . HMS 61.5 rail and hanging kit 100.00 Reef octopus int 200 skimmer 600.00 Maxspect gyre...
  3. sromero287

    Florida Few items

    Hi there R2R community, some stuff accumulated over my last upgrade, prices include the pp fees and shipping, most items were used under a year unless different specified, thanks and good luck : -Aquamaxx FC-80 skimmer $140, -IM Chaeto Max Led $40 -Zen Reef 48 frags holder $45 -Marine Pure Tile...
  4. R&J Reefs

    California For Sale Zen Reef reservoir and Bashsea Reactors

    Zen Reef ATO reservoir/ Dose Reservoir measures 18” tall 12” deep 22.5” long Apex. 15 gallon Ato reservoir and 1 gall. Each dose section. Zen reef magnetic dose line holder Bash Sea media reactors (2) 18” tall Magnetic holder brand new Reservoir only used for 3 months , dose sections...
  5. Atti2de

    Build Thread 140g peninsula build...TANK IS GONE!!!

    I’ve never made a build thread. Figured I’d give it a shot. I currently have a 105g DSA tank and have tangs and a trigger that are outgrowing it. I purchased a 140g tank that has been floating around a few local members and was never set back up. Tank is 60x30x18 and the fish should like it...
  6. R&J Reefs

    Build Thread Ryan’s Red Sea Reefer 750xxl build

    Ok , I’m super stoked to start this build ! Little frustrating to start . I picked up the tank little over 3 week ago and had a cabinet panel damaged and after dealing with my lfs and finally emailing Red Sea the panel is on its way. Let me start off by saying this tank is a beast ! It’s heavy...
  7. AquariumSpecialty

    Aquarium Specialty to Distribute Zen Reef Products

    We are pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive East Coast distributor for Zen Reef products. Visit the link to the shop by brand section for Zen Reef. From now through Sunday, receive 10% off on Zen Reef products. http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/shop-by-brand/zen-reef Zen Reef...