1. Hemmdog

    California WTB Skimz Auto Zeovit Reactor 1.2L

    Hey there R2R I’ve been doing zeovit for about a month. Looking for this(ZAR-127 1.2L capacity) automatic zeolite reactor but it is sold out everywhere. Does anyone have one new-in-box that they never got around to using or even a gently used one? Thanks in advance!
  2. PSXerholic

    Zeolith used differently to keep bold colors ;-)

    Hey guys, wanted to share this outside my build thread! This is my 300G Reef tank when it was 10months old and it's happy as it can be so far but I had to do or better liked to perform a switch to a Zeolith reactor and a slightly different approach as the classic Zeovit method people used to do...