1. KaitCorals

    Zoa vs Euphyllia

    Weird Question Guys! If there is real estate between zoas and euphyllia and the zoas eventually multiply and encroach on euphyllia territory what happens when they eventually collide? Do the euphyllia sweeper tentacles keep the zoas at a distance? Do the zoas just run rampant and overtake the...
  2. Dragonsreef

    TheDragonsReef Zoa Collection

    So I absolutely love zoas, and I currently keep over 30 different varieties so i thought it was time to post a collection thread. I frag all of them as well so if you see any you like feel free to hit me up. Im also open to trades for any you dont see here! Burning embers, by far the brightest...
  3. N64

    Are these zoas not happy or is that just how they are

    Are these just how these zoas are. Or should I try to move them to a new location. Thank you r2r for your time and information. Greatly appreciated!! Also see how 2 are closed.
  4. Ocypode sinensis

    Zoas sick, help please

    Just moved some of my zoas from QT to DT, and they were doing great in the first couple of days. Yesterday I noticed that the zoas are not opening up and today I found that there are tiny white spots on them, I suspect those were sand grains because sometimes my sand got blown up by powerheads...
  5. Alex's Nano Reef

    AIO Build Alex's IM Nuvo 20g Build

    Today i am offically starting my Nuvo 20 Build thread. i have been waiting to start this tank for about a two years and the time has finally come. The goal of this tank is to be a mixed reef tank catering to multiple types of coral and about 3-4 fish. As you can see we are rocking a ton of...
  6. fg_aquariums

    Zoa Identification Please

    Can anyone help identify this type of zoa?
  7. Valentines Day Massacre zoa and LPS

    For sale Valentines Day Massacre zoa and LPS

    I have multiple frags of Valentines Day Massacre (VDM) zoas I need to offload, $8/polyp, minimum 3 polyp per frag I only have availability on Saturdays for pickup at this time. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, 33414 1 frag of JF jackolantern lepto $25 1 20 head mini colony of Light...
    $12.00 to $90.00
  8. Lots of Zoas and Organ Pipe

    For sale Lots of Zoas and Organ Pipe

    Hi everyone My frag rack is exploding with coral so I have a bunch of zoas for sale. Prices listed are for 2-3 polyp frags. Local pickup or Shipping for a 45$ flat rate. Minimum purchase to ship is 125$ Free shipping at 250$ I have larger colonies available of the zoas with an asterisk...
    $10.00 to $45.00
    or best offer
  9. 6 zoa pack

    For sale 6 zoa pack

    6 zoanthid pack. I'm not big on names. Pick up only.
  10. Diveks

    Can’t seem to keep softies happy

    Hello, so this tank is almost a year old now and I can’t seem to keep softies happy after the 6 month mark. Im not sure what is wrong because sps is growing really well. The zoas were closed and the mushrooms were shrinking. I decided to give around $100 worth of softies to a friend that just...
  11. zatch

    Nano Build Zatch's Custom 18g AIO Zoa Garden

    Build thread for my new 18g Zoa Garden tank that I have finally gotten moving along again after some hiccups. When I get some time, ill post more in depth updates on my insta. Tank: Custom Advanced Acrylics 18g AIO (20x16x14, Eurobraced, 1/2" thickness) Stand: Custom Built 2020 T-Slot...
  12. Diveks

    Is this a type of nudi?

    I found this guy near the waterline after a water change. Its pretty large and can be easily spotted with a naked eye. Its in a bucket now. Ive also seen something smaller that had a similar body type but a roundish hard piece on one end that looks like what some snails have on their ‘tails’...
  13. C

    Are magician Zoas palythoa

    Hi so I am wondering if magician zoa would be palythoa or zoanthus also I have mixed things on the toxicity of zoanthus. Are zoanthus containing high levels of palytoxin or no
  14. M

    Zoa? Paly? What is this??

    Hi all, a relatively new reefer here. Got this from my LFS for $20. Is this a zoa or is this a paly? I have searched endless thread and ended up being even more confused.
  15. musaabi

    Zoa identification

    Anyone know what kind of zoa this is? It’s a very bright Orange
  16. 1P Oscar The Grouch! Beautiful High End Zoa!

    For sale 1P Oscar The Grouch! Beautiful High End Zoa!

    1p Oscar The Grouch $175 Shipped Beautiful High End Zoa!! Standard 2 Hour DOA Message me for any questions, or details
  17. xtravism

    ID for what’s on my zoa

    Looks kinda brown and stringy.
  18. at11ok

    New Zoas look weird - not opening

    So I got 4 new zoa frags ordered from online and I noticed it looked a little weird think it might just be mad from not being in a tank for a while. So I acclimated them and dipped them and put them in my tank. It’s been 3 days and 3 of the 4 zoas show no signs of opening at all and look weird...
  19. R

    Dead or still worthy saving?

    Hi, we recently got couple of zoas from Aquashella. It’s was great and happy, then all of a sudden it did not open again. It’s been about a little over a week. We dipped all (separately) in reef dip just incase. But still nothing, all the other ones seem to be fine. Zoa has been moved from...
  20. J


    Im in search of nice zoa morphs, please leg me know where I can find some to get shipped to me
  21. xtravism

    What’s coming out from my zoa

    And is it good or bad. Not trying to have something grow that night over take my tank.

    Coral touching

    Hi can micromussa lord and zoa touch or should I keep them separate? cheers
  23. P

    New York Livestock Trade Zoa Pack 43 zoa on 42 plugs

    43 Various zoa on 42 plugs - $ 640 Free shipping within US - (Pickup at Bayside, NY or NYC) wysiwyg on weekdays). Zoa list Alpha/Omega Armor of Gold Bambam Blue eye blondie Blueberry Field blue steel Blue Green candle apple Captain Jerk Cherry Bomb Corona Constellation Death Ring Desert Star...
  24. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa ID

    Usually I wouldn’t ask but these look kinda bleached out. Anyone have any ideas what the one on the left is? The middle one reminds me of my armor of gods but it’s not the same exactly. It’s got a lot of speckling in the orange on the disk whereas my AOGs are pure orange. But it’s reaching like...
  25. zatch