1. shawnriv

    Zoa ID Please (w/photo)

    Hello All, I picked up this frag of scrambled eggs from an online retailer and just noticed one zoa polyp is not like the others. Lol. Could someone be able to identify this purple colored zoa? Thx!
  2. M

    Has Anyone Bought Zoas From Killer Corals Before?

    For starters here is the link to their website: https://killercorals.com/ I was looking for some cool zoas to add to my tank and this company has some that I like and I was wondering if anyone has ever ordered from them before? Since I prefereably want to order from a reputable source as I...
  3. alecj

    Texas JF Bloodshot Zoa (Hardy strain)

    I have a bunch of frags available ranging in size price is $50 per polyp shipping not included 3 polyp frags - 3 available 1 polyp - 5 available 2 polyp frags- 4 available
  4. CoralsAnonymous

    February Frenzy Sale - Ends March 6th!

    Close out February with us at Corals Anonymous with our two week clearance event - click our banner above to head over the sale today. We have free overnight shipping on orders $349.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users for military, veterans and first...
  5. LoveTheReef

    SPONSOR Sps, Zoa , Lps Frag packs!

    Zoanthid pack 1: Utter chaos 2: Bowser 3: Exosphere 4: Stratosphere 5: WWC AOI Click here to buy! Mushroom pack 1: Flame yuma 2: Speckled Rhodactis 3: Wannabe power ball 4: Candy crush yuma Click here to buy! Chalice pack 1: Miami Vice 2: WWC master peice 3: Superfly 4: Space invader Click...
  6. 5BE1E3A8-4923-4BC9-BF55-31ADE84A3AC8.jpeg


    Bam Bam zoas
  7. B

    New Jersey Corals for sale - SPS, LPS, Zoa

    Have some coral frags for sale looking to go different direction with corals in tanks. Pictures are not very good, best my old iPhone could do. Would prefer local pickup. 08330 Could ask my LFS to ship for me, buyer covers shipping. Venmo or cash. Open to offers. Prices based on website...
  8. Finnys_Reef

    Pennsylvania Zoa colony rock

    Multiple different zoa colonies on well established live rock. These have been tank raised for years i just want to make some room for my tank move. Local pick up only located 19335
  9. D

    Water Quality after getting Zoas

    Now that I'm keeping zoas, Does this mean that the water in my tank is toxic? Even an accidental splash onto your mouth or face would be bad? Palytoxins on my filter sock? And inhaling beside my tank is dangerous because it's leveled almost the same of my height? And every evaporation, does...
  10. D

    Please help me id these zoas

    I'm new and I got these 4 zoas. But I didn't know their name. Please help! Thanks!
  11. Toky916

    California Zoa frag pack *** krak,EOl,EXOs

    (WYSIWYG) Zoa frag pack shipped $280 shipped standard DOA.
  12. InvictusReef

    SOLD GMK Zoa, Goni, Frogspawn for the low - Shipping

    Hey guys, I have some leftover Zoas Frags that I am looking to get rid of for cheap. If you see them in the picture they are $15. I can ship them to you if you want or local pick up is available if I ship them the standard DOA policy is in effect and if something does happen, I will definitely...
  13. C

    Looks like hair on my coral?

    I’ve only had these Zoas for about two weeks I’d say and I noticed two days ago that there is a hair-like thing growing out of two of them. We bought 3 frags and only 2 are affected. The two affected are right by each other (view video) and the other frag is on the opposite side of the tank. I...
  14. edreefer

    California FS: Zoas, Montis, LPS

    Pickup only in Gardena. WYSIWYG. I will hold if I know you or if you send me deposit. Otherwise, FCFS. Zoa Pack #1- $100 From left to right: 1- Blue Hornets 2- Red Hornets 3- White Zombies 4- Pink Diamonds 5- Beauty and the Beast 6- WWC Tazers Zoa Pack #2- $100 From left to right: 1-...
  15. B

    California Large Zoa colonies and various others

    $400 local pickup, in Carlsbad Ca 92008 Shipping is an additional $50 5 major colonies of 20-30 polyps each Bam bam Grape crush Mean greens King midas Pandoras Pink diamonds Rasta Orange Yuma mushroom Dragon eye
  16. Singspot

    New Jersey Great colonies. Priced to sell. Super healthy tank needs harvesting!

    See the pictures and video clips with price in the pictures. All corals been in tank for 1 year, some longer. Selling to open some space. Will work with you on price if you buy multiple. Please DM me if you can't see pics or videos. please DM me if you an offer or any questions. I have...
  17. 714reefsalt

    California Zoa pack

    7 pcs. zoa pack Anaheim $70
  18. G

    New York Zoa pack for sale

    I have 2 zoa packs. Pick up in Nassau county NY $50. utter chaos Rastas blood suckers punk rockers eagle eyes. Blow pops $60 utter chaos Rastas blood suckers punk rockers eagle eyes and sunny d or something like it
  19. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas WYSIWYG frags, zoas, chalices softies and LPS. Free shippiing at $150. Lots of $20 frags updated 2-4-24 all new pics

    All sold or moved to new post.
  20. parkerfitzner22

    North Carolina Great owls, strat, lsoh, jf bloodshots

    1p + baby Great Owl - 400 1p stratosphere - 100 Lsoh - 60 per polyp (cut to order) Jf bloodshots - 50 per polyp Shipping will be $50 Pack discounting available as well DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must send clear picture of perished coral within...
  21. O

    Texas WYSIWYG high end Zoa pack

    Zoa pack available $460 shipped, only one available, please pm for additional questions. Standard DOA Zoa pack available White zombie 4 polyps Pink hypo 3 polyps Grin ripper 4 polyps Rainbow infusion 7 polyps Exosphere 6 polyps Bsa kamikaze kush 2 polyps Wolverines 3 polyps Pikachu 10+ polyps
  22. R

    Zoa id

    Hi, I have plenty of zoas, but most of them are difficult for me to identify. I tried to find them online, but with no results. Could any zoa experts identify them for me please? Thank you in advance. Rayn
  23. B

    Live Goods Natural Grafted Monti Colony

    Colony is about 7-8” x 7-8” wide and about 6” tall sprouting from a base on a 1” frag plug. Have grown this piece out for about 2.5 years from a penny size frag. Asking 350 OBO. Willing to trade for lights/powerheads Pickup in the East Bay, California. Will ship 100% at buyers risk, can...
  24. Tom nhia

    California Zoas and sps for sale

    Hey I have a few frags for sale. All grown under radion xr15 g4. Ab+ program for 5 hours, all blues 5 hours. Pictures taken with flipper orange filter A1 - PC Rainbow - $25 SOLD A2 - PC Rainbow - $15 A3 - PC Rainbow - $15 A5 - Green Birdnest - $10  SOLD B1 - Sunny D's - 2 polyps - $10 SOLD  B2 -...
  25. K

    Toxic Paly or Zoa?

    Hi everyone, Can y’all please help me ID these? They came with the tank when I purchased it a few years back and I always thought they were zoas but was told recently otherwise. I was told they are captain jerks. Depending on the spot in the tank the color changes. I was going to bleach the...