1. J

    Help ID the zoas i just bought plsss

    Anyone know the ID? Someone said reverse gorilla nipples but it doesn’t match exactly. Mine has more green yellow inside(sorry i cant see certain colours so im not sure). Looking for another guess or opinion. Thanks
  2. J

    Need help to ID these zoas.

    Anyone have a clue what zoas these are? They look cool so i bought some but theres no name. It said just zoa. Not sure of price will give a clue. They were 2.50 for 8-10 polyps. Thanks
  3. B

    Zoa vomit

    Hi, recently i bought a kessil light and everything has been growing like a dream but today after a water change my oldest zoanthid polyps were vomiting their zooxanthellae. These zoanthids everyday get better and better coloration. I suspect its from too much light. Is this normal? Should i...
  4. Tiwo

    California North Carolina Livestock Trade Tank Cracked looking for help

    Im not sure where to put this thread so apologies if its in the wrong place. This morning I woke up to my 40g tank leaking drip by drip. Im in the El Dorado Hills Area and are in need of a tank to house my coral and fish. If you want to buy them I'm also open to that. I currently have 2 clowns...
  5. Homebrewer

    My team is out of the playoffs so here are pics of my coral thread

    Tank was looking good last night so I snapped a few close-ups. Feel free to comment and post. Enjoy!
  6. Coopdod50

    40 gallon frag setup

    Hello everyone, I'm starting this thread to help myself out a bit. I've got a Cobalt Aquatics CVue 40 that I'm not using at the moment and I decided to set it up as a frag tank. I won't actually be setting it up until I move from my dorm room to an actual house so I won't have to move it. I'm...
  7. Karol_PL

    ZOA hitchhiker

    Hello friends :) I have had a problem with ZOA for some time. Individual colonies began to die for no apparent reason. There was a brown coating on them, which I thought was a form of algae or fungi. It was impossible to see anything at the ZOA with the naked eye. So I decided to buy a...
  8. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Pink Diamond Zoa FS

    I have 2 frags left of Pink Diamond Zoanthids for sale $20 per polyp Open for trades as well Meet up and Shipping #1- 2 polyp frag $40 #4- 1 polyp frag $20 Pm for better pictures
  9. TrippyReefs

    Exosphere zoas for sale

    I have a 4 polyp exosphere zoa for sale asking $125 per polyp. Local pick up in Miami.
  10. ThatPhillyReefer

    Pink Diamond Zoanthid frags

    Who in the PA, NJ, and NY area would like a 1 polyp frag of Pink Diamond Zoa. I will probably have around 3 frags. I am posting this to see if anyone wants a frag or should i just leave it for now? I am located near Philadelphia, willing to drive and meet up. Willing to ship Pm if interested.
  11. V

    Zoa ID

  12. Tucker64

    Ohio WTB Death Star and Dayglo Volcano zoas

    WTB Death Star and Dayglo volcano zoas. Msg me with a price and pics of what’s available. Located at 44314 Ohio
  13. CoralStop

    Illinois WTB WTB DELIRIUM Zoa?

    Looking for a frag, the bigger the better!
  14. PinkLadyLVT

    Alabama Georgia Tennessee TONS of Various Zoas, Favia, Chalices, etc! WYSIWYG!

    I definitely went a little overboard during the Winterfest sale from Zoanthids.com and over the 10-hour event picked up a TON of stuff. Like 50 pieces. LOL! My friend who runs our LFS was supposed to take a bunch for his shop but still hasn’t decided what he wants plus had his frag tank bust, so...
  15. KellyCorals

    Florida Beginner zoas FS

    Healthy zoa frags with 3+ heads each All frags established and on Maxspect frag plugs $20 each Mohawks (3 available) Purple monster (1 available) Cosmic blast (1 available) Utter chaos (1 available) Pandora ( 1 frag available and 2 colonies available for $30 each) Local pick up only in Cocoa...
  16. T

    Zoa question

    Noticed this on my zoa frag I got from my lfs a few weeks back can anyone tell me what the deal is? Also, I know the tank needs to be cleaned. Was falloff from the rocks when I moved them. And I couldn’t do a WC till I got some salinity regeant for my Hannah since it started acting buggy as far...
  17. AlexChef

    Zoas growing larger instead or reproducing

    Preface: I had 2 different types of Zoa on a frag shelf, salinity was ~1.021 so very low not enough nutrients theoretically all coral should've died. One of my Zoa's was reproducing rapidly and the other grew an additional polyp so growing but not very quickly. Nowadays: Raised salinity to...
  18. CommanderInReef

    Bam Bam's Double Tentacle Layers?

    I bought these bam bams from one of my favorite local lfs (Nova Tropicals) and I got a 5 head bam bam frag. but after letting it acclimate overnight in the tank it's fully open with..... TWO polyp tentacle layers. i've never seen this and can't find any info on it. They didn't seem to have it at...
  19. attiland

    Build Thread The heater failure build

    I have had aquarium since I can remember. Ok the very first one hardly can be called an aquarium as it was just a 3l jar with a 2-3 inch catfish in it my dad caught while we were fishing. And that fish didn’t last long with me as he had to go back to the river Danube. It was growing faster and...
  20. Sold4jc7

    California Zoanthid Pack

    Zoa Pack $275 pickup/ $325 shipped Rainbow incinerator 3 polyps Pandora's 9 polyps Wwc Twizzlers 7 polyps Aphrodite 2 polyps Rasta 3 polyps Fire and Ice 10 polyps Reverse Fire and Ice 5 polyps Yellow Brick Road 6 polyps Purple Death 6 polyps Hyper Phoenix 2 polyps Pink Diamond 5 polyps Bowser...
  21. notsobigtime

    Texas SBB Hephaestus, BSA Grim Reaper, Purple Heart zoas. More to be added

    Zoas for sale! Not all are pictured but I'll add more as I can get them. I'm also open to the right trade (if you have an exosphere zoa for trade, please PM me). I'm not exactly sure what the right trade is but you can always shoot me an offer! One of the SBB Hephaestus singles is spitting 3...
  22. GTM42

    North Carolina High-End Designer Zoas For Sale Cheap!!! Packs available!

    My zoa collection has grown out of control and I had to trim it back! I have 3 frags of Speckled Krakatoa, 2 frags of Reverse Hallucination, and a 3 polyp frag of Seduction zoas. Pics are below in white and blue light, grown under a Radion, and photographed under a Kessil A-160. Each Speckled...
  23. RedFrog211

    EMERGENCY How contagious is Zoa Pox?

    I have a frag of zoas that was growing really well. Today one was closed up, and I noticed what I’ve identified as zoa pox. I’ve read a lot of speculation online, but haven’t found a direct answer. Is zoa pox contagious through the water, or is does it have to be touching another colony? I did...
  24. RedFrog211

    Does flow affect zoa skirt length?

    I’ve read online that high flow can cause zoas to have longer skirts. Has anyone experienced this? I’m curious if it’s a matter of polyp maturity, genetics or flow!
  25. TheSaucyPelican

    Potential coral pest?

    Hello! My name is Tyler and I’m new to the reef aquarium hobby. I’ve got a Fluval Evo lll 13.5 gallon aquarium that has been running for a couple months now. I purchased a zoa frag from my LFS to monitor for a while in hopes of it doing well to see if I was ok to start to add in a couple...
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