1. F

    White zombie zoa

    Selling white zombie zoas 70 per head. Will ship at buyers expense
  2. mario4933

    Florida Livestock Trade Looking for trades in Miami Area!

    Hey guys I got a bunch of zoas and couple of other things I want to trade. I’m mainly interested in mushrooms, euphyllia and sps but if you want something just let me know maybe I like what you offer. what I’m looking for: Jawbreaker Orange,gold octospawn Random frogspawns Bounce mushroom...
  3. ReeferWarrant

    Virginia Zoas, Palys and Mushroom for sale

    I have some Zoas, Palys and a Mushroom for sale $5 per polyp Zoas: Punk Rocker Gorilla Nips Palys: Pandora Mushroom: $10 Red Mushroom (Actinodiscus) Live in Northen VA, and have never shipped livestock so I would prefer local pick up.
  4. TMA

    TMA Rasta Zoa 3 Polyps $60

    TMA Rasta Zoa 3 Polyps $60
  5. TMA

    New Coral Pictures

  6. M

    Friend or foe

    A couple of months ago I noticed what I though was a zoa polyp from a previous zoa growing on my rock work. There was a green circle that glowed under blue light like the zoas used to so I was quite happy to have it growing back. I thought nothing of it but to my surprise, a few more of the...
  7. J

    Massachusetts Zoas Low and High End

    Zoas for sale prices posted in picture, if you want to make a pack can negotiate price on multiple frags. Also have 2p of GB GMK for $325 if anyone interested. Shipping $50 and not responsible for any shipping delay.
  8. A

    Michigan WTB Want to buy CB Money Shot or White Zombie Zoa

    Pm me with pictures and pricing
  9. London_pico_reefer

    Zoa ID

    Hi I got some Zoas from my lfs for £30 for the 3 of them but none of them had any name The bottom one is a lot more fluorescent in real life and the middle one is a reddy pink around the edge it just doesn’t show up. Someone suggested happy people eater for the middle zoa. Thanks for any help
  10. C

    Help Identifying possible zoa?

    Hey everyone, I'm a noob to the life of reefing lol and would like some assistance. Hopefully someone can help identify this random coral that just showed/opened up this weekend on this Jedi Mind trick I picked up three weeks ago. It's the bright pink one popping up in the middle. This...
  11. J

    I need help identifying these Zoas I bought as a bundle

    I purchased a pack of four different zoanthids at one of my lfs and I’m not sure what specific types they are. Any information would be highly appreciated.
  12. B

    California Selling OG Bounce, Gonzo Golden Dragon, Rainbow Infusion Zoa

    Hi, Hope everyone is doing well! I have the following for sell, if anyone is interested for local pick up in the LA area...Let me know if there’s any questions. Thanks for stopping by! 1p Rainbow infusion Zoa(18 available): $10 each Gonzo Golden Dragon(9 available): $70 each Baby OG Bounce...
  13. M

    Zoanthids not opening

    I’m newer to the hobby and I’m trying some only my first corals. My first zoanthids from one of the latest WWC live sales isn’t opening up. I got 2 different zoa frags from the sale and one I believe is dead but the other looks alive but not opened up. Pictured on the left is a Blues Clues Zoa...
  14. reefhomie

    Michigan Bounce pack!

    Juggernaut (bigger now) Frankenstein Uranium Pack price =$750 shipped Standard R2R DOA
  15. esther

    Bet you can't ID these Zoa's!

    Need your help in IDing these. Got these from a reefer. Have no idea what they are. Thanks in advance for your help! Unidentified Zoa #1 Unidentified Zoa #2
  16. reefhomie

    Michigan High end shroom Collection

    Have some extras to get rid of, looking to get the pack taken off my hands! Asking $950 shipped with the red one thrown in as a freebie Jersey bounce mushroom juggernaut bounce mushroom Uranium bounce mushroom Dragon lady as freebie standard 1 hour DOA pic of jersey mom will also be posted.
  17. TDNano

    Possible Zoa parasite/Identification

    I’ve had this Zoa colony for 2 weeks now. I got them from a LFS. When I brought them home there was some algae on the frag so I did a dip with Hydrogen Peroxide. I let them sit for a few more days then noticed these spike like things coming out as well as small hard to see worm like critters...
  18. imarino326

    Dead Zoas?

    backstory- my tank had too much flow, so I decided to rescape the rock-work. My tank is fairly new, and I just added Zoas. Reason why I rescaped is cause they haven’t opened in over 24 hours. I took the rock they were on out and now they look like the image below. Are they dead or just stressed...
  19. C

    What is this on my zoa?

    Need help with I'd on this little guy.
  20. Simply__J

    Pandora Zoa Skull

    What can I get for a skull with 75+ Pandora zoas growing on it's head and a few cinnamon polyps in its chin?
  21. dimitriost

    Zoa closed up

    I have had a small zoa frag for just over a week now and most of the time it has been closed. I moved the powerhead so it wasn't in the path of the flow a few days ago but it's still closed. There are only two small heads that are partially open. They're out of the main flowstream and partially...
  22. Rrwilson1223

    Zoa Colony ID

    Hi everyone, Picked up a mixed Zoa colony at the LFS. Can’t find info on many of the polyps. Anyone know what these are?
  23. Reefer37

    Will this Zoa Garden Work?

    So I recently updated my zoa garden with some new additions, but after looking at it I'm kinda worried. I have Ultra Gobstoppers and Sunny D (I believe) near the front and I realize they have a lot longer stalks than the others (Rastas, Purple Hearts, Hotshots, Seductions, and Rainbow Trolls)...
  24. Emerald Crab with zoas

    Emerald Crab with zoas

    Emerald crab, hanging out (cleaning) the zoa bases
  25. Bentonb

    California Lotsa Zoas!

    Hi all, I haven't fragged my zoas in a long while and the result is an overgrowth! All is WYSIWYG. I prefer local pick up, as I've never shipped before, nor really know how. I will also frag the zoas as they're sold. Below are the pictures of everything I've got for sale, If you see something...