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Apr 6, 2019
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So I've had a very interesting few weeks with the mantis. For several weeks now it has been very reclusive and hasn't really wanted to take food. I've had it spit back LRS food, shrimp, and squid at me multiple times. These are foods it previously loved to eat. It hasn't been exploring as much, and I've been seeing it more at night than during the day, odd behavior.

Fast forward to yesterday I came home with a dozen or so nerite snails so it can hunt food, I also grabbed a bunch of Caulerpa Prolifera because it was there and I like Caulerpa. I threw all of that into the tank.

This morning the water is really cloudy. Damsel? Alive. Urchin? Alive. Mantis? Not sure, burrow closed, but I did hear one loud click so 50/50 alive?

What, why 50/50, Steve? You heard the click....well.


I saw a bunch of sand shoot out of this hole this morning. While I do have spaghetti worms that like to dump out sand at me from the back end of their tubes, this one seemed different. It's not in the spot of where these worms normally do that.

Did I finally discover the location of the mystery clicker?
Is my mantis dead?
If not, why did it stop taking food recently?
Did the caulerpa go sexual and that's why my water is cloudy?
Is it somehow the damsel under there throwing sand out with its tail?
Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Stay tuned for answers to probably none of these questions!

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