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180 Gallon Aquarium, Cabinet Stand, Canopy and Sump System

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Oct 29, 2022
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180 gallon aquarium tank, cabinet stand, canopy and seamless sump system. Purchased March 2016. Built by Custom Aquariums (Neenah, WI). Was used as mixed reef from March 2016-March 2023. Stand needs some TLC. Tank glass has normal minor scratches. See pictures. Will consider all REASONABLE offers. Local pick only. Cash only

74D2CC7B-A61A-4ECD-B98A-FF036CF63D95.jpeg B4F1F96C-C4E4-44AD-8D01-91B6DBAC54E8.jpeg 84021912-9376-49BD-8C3D-044233DE087F.jpeg C0408327-52F5-4434-9069-3E3BC6BB30F1.jpeg 4FEAAFAB-D953-403B-9818-C7F3BB48A55A.jpeg C1870C24-5CE3-4301-94D1-C7CC15215309.jpeg 449CB866-8722-4C98-B3B1-B81CBCEDD019.jpeg 9C42091E-D04C-4FE5-A9E4-8B19B5FF9255.jpeg A2C4B538-C47D-450C-8FD6-9415E9DFFC20.jpeg 220E08AF-1A88-42CD-AC1B-AF30EDE85F43.jpeg 36F7EAC2-E1F7-4614-9F21-B2028CEBFBFA.jpeg 7A5CC1C4-3955-4497-AB62-809D54EED260.jpeg F65AB0EB-6FC2-4342-B85D-11C965DC2649.jpeg 553232B5-1E82-42D3-B0E8-9DE725B4556F.jpeg 9585D561-DE0E-4408-B0E1-891B3A92B4C8.jpeg

A macroalgae reef engineer: Have you kept Halimeda in your tank?

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