20% Off Reef Factory Dosing Pumps!

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Jun 4, 2019
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20% Off Reef Factory Dosing Pumps!
Get ready!
We're about to introduce some new products from Reef Factory!

Before the announcement, we thought we'd get your attention with a sale on the popular Reef Factory Dosing Pumps. Each pump can be individually controlled via Wi-Fi (2.4 Ghz) using the Smart Reef app on your phone or tablet, or through a browser on your computer.

  • Reliable and precise dosing
  • Remote, intuitive operation
  • Create up to 24 dosing intervals per day
  • Several pumps can be connected in groups
  • View dosaging history and remaining level in dosing container
  • Push notifcations when dosing container is running low
  • Controllable via Smart Reef app or any web browser

Dosing pump X1

Dosing pump Pro

Dosing pump X3

Dosing pump X4

Dosing pump Large


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