250 Gallon Custom Tank, Stand, MORE FS, DC Metro (20878)


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Oct 28, 2009
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D.C. Metro (Gaithersburg, MD)
For sale, 250-gallon Tank and stand + more for sale

Tank is 7’ long x 28” front to back x 25” high (approx. 250 gallons), ¾” Starfire glass all around (including bracing). Custom-made by Coast to Coast Aquariums in New Jersey. Back wall is drilled for internal/external low-profile overflow box (Modular Marine, 2400 gph, set up for Bean Animal, with custom-made external box to accommodate closed-loop outlet), four return nozzles, and outlet for a closed-loop recirculation system. Bottom is drilled in each of the rear corners for closed-loop return. Well cleaned and in very good to excellent condition. (One smallish nick (1/8” long) in silicone, but does not affect the seal at all.)

Stand is 2” square, powder-coated tubular steel construction, 8 legs (4 in front, 4 in back), with adjustable feet. Wood “skins” have three doors in front, one door at each end, so a LOT of very easy access under the tank.

Package includes Sicce ADV 9 as main return pump, acrylic-framed screens (one for each half of tank) from Artfully Acrylic, all major plumbing (a manifold I constructed for the returns at each end of the tank, nozzles, closed-loop system, overflow box pipes for the Bean Animal setup, etc.). Closed-loop powered by a Varios-4 pump. All schedule 80, double-union ball valves, double-union flapper-type check valves in each return main branch, a schedule 80 gate valve I used to regulate the Bean Animal siphon, a box full of hose fittings of various sizes and band clamps of various sizes, etc.

Sumps I had set up in separate fish room behind the tank – I had plumbed through the wall – will be included if you want them, though they AREN’T pretty by a longshot. (Pair of Clarisea roller filters sat in 40-breeder as upstream receiving sump, which flowed into a 36-inch long acrylic sump that housed skimmer, heaters, chaeto, etc.; Sicce ADV 9 was set up externally, downstream of the acrylic sump, and pumped water back through the wall to return manifold, which sat on floor along the back of the tank.)

Pair of Won titanium 300 Watt heaters included. Current USA 25 Watt UV sterilizer (relatively new bulb) with appropriately sized pump, Hanna checkers, refractometer, nets, three Lifeguard Quiet One Pro 2200 internal/external pumps, Fluval SP4, specimen boxes, etc.

$3,000 takes all described above and whatever odds and ends we can find, subject to items referenced below which are for sale separately. I have sold off other components separately already, so this won't be broken down further.

I also have available a nice saltwater mixing setup, a 200 gpd Spectrapure UHE RO/DI with pair of Brute containers, and a dual chamber CO2 scrubber. If you take the tank/stand setup as described above, I will sell these for very cheap, to be discussed.

(Tank is on lower level, will need to go up a flight of stairs. It’s heavy (500-600 lbs) and walls of stairway (half open from mid-flight landing down to lower level floor) are not much wider than tank, so I would recommend hiring professionals to move it for you. I can make a referral for the folks who brought it down for me if you wish.)

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