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302 Aquatics Algae Scrubber - Fully running



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Sep 22, 2014
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New Jersey
Selling a fully running, seeded Algae Scrubber. This scrubber keeps my 150 system at 0.02 P and 0 Nitrates. Comes with a Siccee pump and needs algae cleaning, so it's perfect to move as bottom layers of algae will stay wet and alive during the relocation. Bring it home, scrape algae off and you are up and running. Price is $150. Pickup at 07423. I need it gone by this weekend, or will have to clean and store it.

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Do you take notice when your coral starts stretching or shrinking?

  • YES and usually there is a probem

    Votes: 132 61.4%
  • YES but I never have a problem

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