645 gallon build at Laser Imaging & Design, Inc. in Lebanon, Ohio


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May 18, 2016
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Lebanon, Ohio

Tank has arrived! Custom built by Miracles 82"x40"x36" Starfire glass on 3 sides.

Tank moved into new office, sitting on custom built powder coated steel frame from Miracles.

Everything level and custom acrylic drip tray added to bottom of stand.

All overhead closed loop plumbing complete and all lighting being installed.

Testing lighting and all aquascaping complete.

Water being put into tank.

Apex and all controllers installed against back wall.

All custom built sump and water change tank built by MRC, protein skimmer by Royal Exclusive.

All custom cabinetry by Benner's Woodworking, not only did Chris Benner design this entire build, he is a master of building custom aquarium stands and custom furniture.

Tank is cycled 3 months later and corals are going in.

Large anemone and more fish are added.

Corals are starting to thrive while dosing is constantly increased to keep up with demands.

Large green milli is added and anemone has reached 30" in diameter.

Now 1 year old, the reef is thriving and the fish are happy.

More happy fish.

Our tank holds many SPS, LPS and softies....everything is growing like weeds and looking great!

Here are some specifics of the build:

Special thanks to Chris Benner of Sticks N Stones (also of Benner's Woodworking) for designing, fabricating and building this bulletproof reef.

Tank: 505 gallon Miracles tank built with low iron Starfire glass. 82"x42"x36" in size. With sump total water volume is 645 gallons.

Sump: All custom built by MRC with water change settling tank, Super Marian 300 Bubble King protein skimmer, all reactors by MRC, all plumbing done with schedule 80.

Flow: Main filtration Reeflo Snapper, closed loop system Reeflo Hammerhead, 3 MP60's

Lighting: Reefbrite 3-450 watt metal halide hybrids with 6-18" XHO LEDs, 2-72" XHO blue actinics.

Chiller: 3/4hp by Tradewinds

Computer: Apex Gold with multiple controllers and dosing pumps, battery back ups by APC and Ecotech.

Redundancy: Dedicated 11,000 watt generator by Generac.


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Mar 13, 2017
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sorry I haven't been able to come out yet. been very busy. I did however have to attend a bday party at the place right across from your building and I seen the tank through the window pulling in, so I had to come over and peek at it. man I gotta say WOW! its for sure the best looking tank I have seen outside a aquarium exhibit! ill have to come down while you guys are open to look at it better. Beautiful setup!
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Apr 10, 2017
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Beautiful tank! I'm not far from you either, I live just North in Beavercreek.

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