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75g full system + livestock

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Mar 26, 2020
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Had a mini crash 3 weeks ago. going a different route in life and need to downsize. All corals listed are alive and recovering , discarded all ones that died during crash. All equipment is ~4 months old except the tank and profilux/ghl doser. ghl doser needs 2 heads replaced ~$40 in parts and a hour of time. tank has a chip on top back corner less than half inch and no splintering clean sea shell chip. has held water for a year with no issue. all silicone is in excellent shape. tank is roughly ~1year old.

75g Eshopps aqualine prototype
Eshopps stand
GHL Profilux 4 + power bar , ph probe , temp probe
GHL SA Doser 4 head
Jebao 4 head doser
2x MP40's
Nero 3
Tunze ATO
Fiji Cube 20 sump
Eshops 120 protein skimmer
2x XR15 Gen6 Blue
Aquatic life t5 hybrid , new bulbs 2 bue plus 1 purple plus 1 actinic
Jebao return pump
amazon fuge light
hanna test kits alk/phos/nitrate
brs co2 scrubber

Live stock-
caribsea reef tree large
caribsea shapes tunnel rock full encrusted with corals and mushrooms

pacman frag
rr fire cracker frag
walt disney frag
hawkins colony
big bubble gum and little bubble gum colonies
small golden rod frag
golden rod colony
3 head dragon soul
1 head dragon soul
green torch
gold hammer
brown/gold hammer
mummy eye chalice
pink cadi colony full encrusted on eshopps frag rack
unknwon green acro
a ton of green hairy mushroom
sonic hedgehog galaxea
zoa garden rock that most died off from crash
some other misc i am proably missing

sailfin tang
blue hippo tang
lawnmore blenny
green chromis
pajama cardinal

this is easily a $5,000 set up new. Looking for $3,000 for everything. Will part out if cannot sell as a package.
Will include 20g brute trash can a mixing/wc pump and some other random stuff foods, nori, dosing lines, ro lines, aminos, nitrate, phosphate, tropic marin bacto balance, flatworm stop etc if interested i can list everything,
literally only thing you would need to get it full going is a rodi unit and some salt. that is it. perfect set up for someone looking for a turn key system. I can help load it in vehicle so only need 1 person to get everything in a truck.


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