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90g Peninsula Tank Breakdown (Tank, Stand, Sump, Apex, Kessil A360X, Tunze, UV Sterilizer, & More)

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Dec 1, 2013
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Dana Point, CA
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Dry goods for my 90g peninsula tank I recently broke down.

  • 90g rimless tank 4’x2’x18”, plumbing, Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Red Flex 4-in-1 Sump 20"x37"x14", DIY net cover (innovative marine), & steel stand. Tank has a few minor scratches but not too bad - $400. two PVC drains with union valves to easily move the tank/sump, each drain has a ball valve. Return line is vinyl tubing with check valve. Sump comes with extra filter socks and filter cups. Also comes with a webcam that attaches to the stand to monitor sump area. Trying to sell this as a package since the plumbing/tank/stand/sump all go together. I had wooden doors/side that cover the two sides and front of the stand and can take if desired. Buyer of the tank can have the dry rock if interested. If you want the west marine mariculture ceramic rock structures, we can work out a deal.
  • Neptune Apex Controller w/ eb832, temp probe. I recently got the main unit replaced by Apex - $410
  • Tallboy rubbermaid 20g garbage can. - $45. This was the ATO container so it is setup for installing the ATO pump and has a float valve at the top for easy filling without overflowing.
  • Kessil Stuff
    • 2x Kessil A360X tuna blue with cable extenders. $300 each. k-link connector
    • Wifi adapter - $60
    • Custom mount made for the peninsula tank. Made from black extruded aluminum. Can hold up some weight but best for use with the light weight kessils. - $50. It screws into the wall/stud and does not mount on the tank
  • Jebao return pump dct-12000 3170GPH - $70
  • Tunze 9410 DC masterdoc skimmer. This skimmer is awesome and highly recommend. You can just turn it on and let it go. I have a DIY system for plumbing skimmate out to larger collection container & can take if desired. - $260
  • KLIR 4" filter roller, comes with one clean roll - $75
  • 4 float switches, various buttons, switches, and brackets for ATO, etc. Comes with apex breakout box to make easier wire management (see photo) - $70
  • kamoer dosing pump (older version) - $45
  • Koralia nano powerhead (for refugium) - $15
  • Flipper Max magnetic cleaner -$65
  • Tunze large magnetic cleaner with float attached and one extra foam float-$55
  • Tunze nano 8831 refuge led light - $65
  • 2 jager eheim 150w heaters - $15 each
  • Lifegard Aquatics 55-Watt Pro-MAX High Output UV Sterilizer model #R450107 . Needs a new bulb - $175. This is plumbed for 3/4" flexible tubing (same as return line for the tank). The 3/4 adapters are threaded and can be removed to change output size (see photo).
  • Magnetic algae clip - $10

The tank and large items are located in Dana Point, CA for pickup. Small items can be shipped. Buyer pays shipping.

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