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Apr 16, 2018
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Hi All!

I am selling 3 AI Prime HDs!
(These are not HD 16s)

Reason for selling? I am going back to t5s and have no need for these anymore. I do realize that the resale value of alot of things in this hobby don't hold whatsoever.I am just trying to get a few bucks back to feed my reefing addiction!

AI Prime HD (black) $100
AI Prime HD (black) $85 ( slight fan noise when booting up, but no issues during full intensity operations)
AI Prime HD (black) $100
3 New optical lens from AI $25

Would prefer to sell all together.. Local pick up is available as well.

**** buyer pays shipping***

( Again these are not HD 16s)

Original box with matching serial number
Power supply
3 prong cord
AI Prime light
Original paper work with the wifi and local ip names.

Purchase Process:
A PayPal invoice for goods and service will be sent to buyer. This will include this post, serial numbers for each light, the contents of each AI Prime box,the contents of the whole package and the communication of the shipping address provides by the buyer.

Thank you for your Time!

20210625_132523.jpg 20210625_132541.jpg 20210625_132603.jpg
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