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Oct 12, 2017
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Phoenix, AZ
We are constantly on the hunt to improve our products and make moves that support the local economy and when ever possible the environment. In a recent move, we may have accomplished both.

We just received our first shipment of 30 spools of the GreedGate3D PETG filament. This is an important move for us here at Vivid Creative Aquatics on a couple different levels.

1) 100% Recycled PETG
This plastic is a fully recycled plastic made from the reclaimed scraps generated by the consumer food packaging industry.

2) 100% US Sourced Raw Materials
The raw plastic is 100% US made and sourced and extruded by a US based extruder.

3) 100% US Based Supply chain
By adding this to our production process, that brings our most popular items which are the 3/4in and 1/2in Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle to a 100% US base supply chain. From the custom packaging, package inserts and the product itself, they are 100% US Made

Since we are just getting this new fulfillment in, it will take a little time to work it into our full production process, but it is in the works. Prior to receiving this shipment, we have been testing this filament for few months now . Both in the manufacturing process and at the usability end with parts manufacturer in the filament running on a number of different tanks, system and scenarios.

If you have any questions please post them here and we''ll be happy to answer them.




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