ATI SunPower 48in 6x54w


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May 5, 2019
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Coastal New Jersey
Selling my T5 fixture that I purchased used in Oct of 2019. The previous owner said it was 2 years old at the time. Fans were replaced 2 months ago. Fixture is in great shape and grows coral like nobody’s business - especially SPS.
Price is $250.

Also Included in the sale-

1- Brand new Power-module black junction box with the wiring harness.
2- 1 Brand new ballast
3- Brand new set of 12 T5 bulb sockets

All of the above was purchased directly from ATI. I always make sure I have back up parts on hand.

I really prefer local pick up in NJ - zip is 07702. If you want me to ship it you will have to pay for packing and UPS Ground shipping. I can quote you shipping but will need your full address to do so.

For local pick up I will include my current ATI bulbs that are 5 months old - 4 Blue +, 1 Actinic, 1 Coral +.

I am also selling the two Reef Brite Lumi Lite pro’s I was using on this fixture separately but if you want to make me an offer on all of it I’ll listen. Here is a link to that listing -

Here are a few pictures. You will see in the last 2 pictures there are dents on the one end from when it was shipped to me from the previous owner. These do not effect performance at all. It can probably be fixed rather easily.

Please DM for any questions.








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