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Atlantic Biotechnology. A new name in live cultures! Spread the word!


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May 10, 2014
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Modesto, California
Atlantic Biotechnology is a laboratory grade live cultures with their current products of Tigriopus californicus and Tisbe biminiensis. More will be coming soon hopefully. I had a chance to talk with them and they were generous enough to send me out a sample and test it out and give a review on it and the dedication, research and customer service provided gives them a gold standard.


"Tigriopus californicus copepods fill a crucial gap in your tank's ecosystem by consuming excess feed, detritus, and algae; and turn it into an active food source for saltwater fish that would be otherwise very difficult to feed. We are working on getting another species up to the same production scale "Tisbe biminiensis" this will be a smaller copepod that will be great for feeding fish with a smaller mouth gape."
If anyone has any questions feel free to message them on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/atlanticbiotechnology/
Or follow them on instagram http://instagram.com/atlanticbiotechnology

Here's a video of me adding them into my tank. Feel free to subscribe.

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