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Dec 6, 2020
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My 125 with over flows and 30 gallon sump was running with 25 african chiclids all of them ambuna and two clown loaches. Well I got the itch again to start saltwater back up again . I could not keep up with the freshwater fish I had . At the end of the ambuna tank I had 45 fish yes babys . They are dirty fish and I was changing filter twice a week .I needed to change them 3 times . So, I put my 110 pounds of dead rock in the garbage can filled it with tap water and a gallon of bleach. And through in a power head. Let it set for 3 weeks. Pulled it out and back in to a tote to dry. Then put 20 gallons of rodi in trash can and put rock in it for a week with power head . Took rock out put saltwater in put rock in heater powerhead and a half piece of shrimp. 3 months later ammonia started to drop . 4 months 0 ammonia 0 nitrites ammonia was off the chart. Changed water twice to nock it down . Took my freshwater fish to the fish store. And started cleaning,two days later I was happy with it . Went to menards to get the light diffuser with the holes though it for the bottom of my tank . Put some of the bigger rocks on top and started filling it with saltwater 5 gallons at a time rodi water mixed with IO one week of making water and placing rock. 24 five gallon buckets later i got to turn on my heater and pumps proclear skimmer and algea turff scrubber . Marine pure and a spunge. A large bottle of Dr. Tims and biospera. Thuogh in 8 chromis a nasso ,neon goby,hovens wrasse. One chromis got caught on my wave maker and 10 later my nasso died . Replaced him with a one spot fox face. Right now I replace one gallon of water per day evaporation and clean algea turf scrubber every three days. Last week my nitrates 3 phosphates .74 today nitrates 5 phosphates .54 ph 8.3 . So 5 weeks in and I have a small amount of dark green algea on my scrubber screen and the fish are all very healthy. Diatom stage is now over . I did put 3 bottles of copapods in . So far thats it going to wait for my water to stabilize where I like it and load it with some coral!!! So what do ya think?
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