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Bkack widow Nems for sale



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Aug 13, 2020
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Bloomfield, NJ
Shipping rules below for reference
Please read the following very carefully and if interested please PM me.

1. Shipping will be through FedEx overnight with signature required. Shipping charges will be communicated prior to shipping. I will be using Finiship and the cost of shipping will be passed totally to the buyer.
1. The minimum order for shipping will be $200. A flat $15 charge will be added to cover shipping and packaging material (as well as paypal fees).
3. Packages will be shipped on Tuesday OR Wednesday (that means you will get it by Wednesday OR Thursday).
4. Payment in full will be sent to my PayPal before I create the shipping label (I will give you heads up of the cost of shipping but payment to the entire order must be made before the shipping label is created).
5. Prior to shipping I will send you a photo of the exact anemone specimen(s) you will be getting.
6. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have someone at home to receive the package and sign for it. Note that if there is no one to receive the package and it is taken back by FedEx to a pickup location that will void any refunds as it will add more delivery time and potentially lead to issues with the shipped anemone.
7. DOA: If the anemone is dead on arrival, you need to notify me within 2 hours of receiving the anemone. Note that a dead anemone is white! It is normal for a shipped anemone to be shriveled/shrunk or even reversed inside out. A dead anemone must be photographed as shown in the attached photo (the photo of the anemone in the plastic shipping container must be VERY CLEAR). You will take a photo of the anemone in the package as illustrated and you must include in the photo the number on the container cover. This number is unique to your shipment and is included in the picture for confirmation. Refunds will be for the price of the anemone only (excluding shipping and the flat $15 fee).

Thanks for looking.
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