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Mar 8, 2020
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Do you have any pictures of the inside and what you did to help with thermals?
Of course do this all at your own risk!
The fan can be removed from the top, but to unplug it you need to open the outer 4 screws and separate the body, you might need to remove the heatsink + lens
If your thermal paste is crappy n oily it could leak through the lenses/screws. Mine was squeezed through, not leaking. My thermal paste is not electrically conductive. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean (or remove the thermal paste all together) any excess thermal paste ... its very very messy. ( I would not use acetone, if it accidentally gets on the lens it can cloud it and/or crack it. also can unintentionally rub chip markings or smudge the white or black case [black usually gets a hard to remove white splotch])
there is a thermal shut off if it gets around 80 C/ 176 F which is good, the LEDs shut off and a red LED goes off in the AI logo on the device.
The same happens when the device detects that the fan is not spinning.
PCB is nicely labeled.
When reassembling take care of any cables and follow a cross pattern (start from 1 screw then move to the opposite then left/right X or + pattern...

InkedIMG_20200731_095001 - Copy_LI.jpg

InkedIMG_20200731_095001 - Copy_LI2.jpg
watch out you dont clamp the cable
this is the issue when re-assembling
IMG_20200731_104127 - Copy.jpg
IMG_20200731_095238 - Copy.jpg
IMG_20200731_103736 - Copy.jpg
IMG_20200731_103727 - Copy.jpg
IMG_20200731_095441 - Copy.jpg
if the time resets after a brown/blackout (power outage) it probly is this battery.. which is welded sigh, luckily the life of the batteries are long!
IMG_20200731_095129 - Copy.jpg


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Jan 2, 2021
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Rio de Janeiro
Two images 1st one is how AI says it should be. Second is how my screen is like. As you can see I dont get the "star" icon or the others side by side to it.

***Problem solved***. I figured out the icons "were there" even tough I couldnt see then. When I clicked at where it sould be the star I got the options I needed. Weird behavior of the app.

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