CHEAP/overgrown frags! Zoas, raja, hg micro, lsoh


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Jun 15, 2016
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Several frags cut and ready to roll. Also have a rack of overgrown zoas that I’ll do my best to clean off any algae, and have priced cheap because of it. Finally, I’m deciding to either take down or reset my little frag tank and need to clear everything out of it. Super cheap frags. $15 each or pick 4 for $40. Utter chaos, watermelon chalice, pink ******* chalice, gobstoppers, rainbow trolls, rainbow infusion, scrambled eggs, etc. everything is healthy and always out, just a little clear hair algae here and there that I’ve been clearing

shipping through ups. Usually about $50 but I’ll calculate it with your zip code. Minimum of $100 to ship please. Free shipping at $400

If any kind of shipping delays happens, I will split the cost of the transaction to lessen the blow for both of us. UPS is much more reliable than FedEx but it can still happen.

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