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May 2, 2021
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Hey Everyone! I have multiple saltwater fish tanks. I’m looking to sell my 125 gallon tank + cabinet stand. The tank has 3 fish and some new equipment that is for sale also. Full list below:

1. 125 Gallon Tank + Stand + LED Lights ($800)
2. Yellow Tang ($350)
3. Emperor Angelfish ($250)
4. Clown Triggerfish ($120)
5. Caribsea Liferock ($250)
6. Protein Skimmer + Heater + UV Light + 2 Tetra Carbon Filters ($300)
7. 2 Nero 3s ($200)

The fish are well fed and get lots of seaweed and frozen cubs.

Willing to bundle and negotiate.

F991C1F8-604F-4ACB-B40A-14A0FF3372C2.jpeg F095FDCD-F76D-4839-8B3C-2C604E00696B.jpeg 50096992-3A8C-49DC-80C3-43707D530D39.jpeg 113ADF4E-1E9D-4384-AEAF-E29CA0520B5D.jpeg 2CE7BCF0-76B7-4C7D-806B-80BA8512911C.jpeg 71150E2B-BF28-48FB-9E67-21C94690F4C9.jpeg F13A3D3E-1E4C-4443-AF63-30E001770CD1.jpeg

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