CincyReef Mini Frag Swap March 14th

Jordan T Shouse

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Jun 19, 2019
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Cincinnati, OH
With INDMAS canceling we wanted to have a “Mini Swap” right here in Cincinnati! So far we have 7 hobbyists and vendors plus Cincy Corals stocking! Entry is free, but you can sign up to become a cincy reef member during the swap. There may be a few raffles as well!

Here is the Facebook event!

CincyReef Mini Frag Swap March 14th

How important is sand sifting or sand stirring livestock to your reef tank?

  • Very important

    Votes: 288 45.1%
  • Somewhat important

    Votes: 203 31.8%
  • Not important

    Votes: 87 13.6%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 53 8.3%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 7 1.1%
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