Clownfish pair for sale, asking for $50. Local Pickup Only


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Aug 1, 2020
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I am selling a pair of clownfish, they’re very healthy, went through copper treatment and prazipro for almost 2 months prior to putting it in my display tank. I had them for almost a year now. Unfortunately they started hosting my clam and really irritating it with too much “love”. I had to choose one and chose the clam. The clowns are back in my quarantine tank and waiting for a new home. I’m asking $50 for both. Since they’re already paired up, I would like to sell them together. I’m located in Lutz/Tampa, about 10 minutes from Busch Gardens. Local Pickup only. Thanks!

tempImageJdTiad.png tempImage5OL6NM.png Photo May 02, 10 40 42 AM.jpg Photo May 02, 10 29 55 AM.jpg
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