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Mar 8, 2020
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I am currently selling off my livestock as I am planning on moving abroad soon and can not take them with me.

Below I will list the corals, common name as well as scientific, size and price wanted. I will then post a large photo that has them all for visual. If you are wanting a particular photo please DM me and I will send it out to you.

1x- trachyphyllia geoffroyi, open brain coral- Green, about 6 inches fully extended, two mouths. $250

1x- Duncanopsomia axifuga, Duncan, about 4 inches long, has around 25-30 heads. Very vibrant green and great grower. $100

1x- Euphylia ancora, hammer coral, has a diameter of about 7-9 inches fully extended, purple tentacles with green veins, 4 mouths. $200

1x Blastomusso wellsi, blasto, stands about 5 inches tall, has around 8 heads, deep red outer ring with green/blue mouths. $100

1x Kenyan Tree Soft coral, stands about 7 inches tall has multiple arms, $60

3x Acanthestrea enchinatas, stary cup coral, I have 2 varieties, one red and one purple and green.
There are two red frags,

one about 3 and a half inches with around 20 heads $75

one about an inch, with 5 heads and a mushroom coral on the frag, $40

And the green variety is around 4 inches with close to 15 heads, very intense coloration $75

1x Goniopora, red variety, about a 2 inch frag. $60

1x Ricodia Yuma, mushroom coral, vibrant yellow/green/blue is about the size of a silver dollar fully extended $40

3x Ricodia Florida, mushroom coral, one is the size of a silver dollar $20 and two small frags $5 each

and finally 4x Green Rhodactis, hairy mushroom corals, one single quarter sized $20

and a rock with 3 dime sized $30

please let me know if you see anything that peaks your interest. Thank you
***Willing to negotiate price***



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