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Darrell D

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Dec 12, 2011
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Westminster Ca.
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Hey everyone. I started in this hobby about 14 years ago, but took quite a bit of time away from it. Around 4 years. Still had both of my tanks, but everything in it was pretty much toast, and they ran in a sort of dormant state. My wife, finally tired of looking at them in such bad shape, told me to fix them or get rid of them. I said “Let’s get rid of them”, and she said ok, let’s just fix them. My old system was a 120 total. 90 display, 30 sump. It was a wood stand and the tank was old. I had it running for 10 years, and I got it from somebody that had it running for a few years before me. 120 gallons is a decent amount of space, but I wanted something bigger. We looked at a few of the Aquarium Manufacturers, and settled on the Innovative Marine, INT 200.

We ordered the tank in late December of ‘22, and we received it in March. It came in a crate, and that crate would be its home until last month. After taking a long pause in the hobby, I got really excited about what Hydros is doing with their controllers, and decided to go all in. So over the last month, I’ve been slowly gathering my controllers, pumps and other gadgets, while getting it all plumbed in. I built a wall inside of my sump that made hiding all of the wires and power bricks a breeze, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I powered up on Friday night, got all of my controllers updated, and added tap water to test for leaks. It failed. Lol. Small leak on the bulkhead of the return line, easy fix. Everything worked the way it should, and I’m super excited. I still have a few small things to grab, but I’m super close. Here’s a few pictures of how things have progressed, and I’ll update this as I move along.


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May 26, 2021
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New York
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Congratulations on your new tank, we look forward to the continuation.

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