Dan's Frag Tags - Aquarium Pricing System


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Mar 26, 2019
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If you are, or know someone looking for an easy solution to organizing your store front frag tanks or adding pricing and organization to your online frag sales. My 3D printed price tags can be configured to any specification necessary using the custom Frag Tag builders or custom contact form. I offer a large variety of pre-set price tags and grid systems for WYSIWYG systems. Also offering two styles of eggcrate stands, fluorescent grid dividers, and other custom 3D printing!

Each Frag Tag includes your custom price or text on a black plate with raised UV reactive text that glows extremely bright under blue/actinic and even day light. My Frag Tags also include a separate customizable Frag Tag Base that threads into the backplate, this means theae tags can be used in any application whether you have standard egg crate, round, hexagon, or even 2" frag racks.

Bulk discounts available through messaging, and the website at www.DansFragTags.com, www.facebook.com/DansFragTags
@dansfragtag on Instagram

*Frag Tags are made to order, lead time depends on order quantity and place in order que.
Please contact me through socials, or through the website to get started :) 20210205_174057.jpg 20210622_154537.jpg IMG_20200308_165245.jpg IMG_20210709_101214_198.jpg IMG_20210710_130114_887.jpg IMG_20210708_104916_653.jpg