Dr. Judy St. Leger: How hobbyists can help grow the ornamental aquaculture research. | MACNA 2019


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Dec 9, 2014
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Minneapolis, MN
One of the recurring themes during the MACNA 2019 speaker event was the relationship between hobbyists and aquaculture and today's talk follows the same thoughts.

Today, we hear from Dr. Judy St. Leger from Rising Tide and how we can get involved in ornamental aquaculture! :)



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I'll just drop this here:

Distributed aquaculture

Great presentation. Great ideas. I agree that aquaculture is important both with fish and corals. Hobby should be self sustaining. The sooner we can reach this the better off the hobby will be. I liked the comment: "Hobbyist care for fish/coral therefore care for oceans and conservation". A point often over looked. Well, I think not over looked but rather ignored by many because we are not ready to have these sorts of discussion.

Only thing is I'm not into social media and FB. If you run a email newsletter I'd be interested.

Dr. Dendrostein

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Nov 8, 2017
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Fullerton, California
(hand) writing on the wall, everyone. When we finally rely on aquaculture 100% (5-10 years from now)corals, because for whatever reason harvesting from the ocean will no longer be feasible. There won't be enough(aquacultured) for everyone to go around with. Unfortunately most of the rich will probably be the ones enjoying this hobby. I said most, not all the rich. If most of us would tackle one type of Coral to try and see if we can make it thrive in a closed system, that's a start. They're still many corals that only make it up to 2 years or less and they're still being sold like they're dime a dozen, as if never ending supply of them. Bummer

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