EB832 shows deleted, unknown below modules

Discussion in 'Neptune Systems' started by thom_smith, Dec 28, 2018.

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    Installed a new COR20, moved an EB832 and re-did some of my aquabus cabling tonite. After doing so, ALL of my modules showed Status Disconnected. Only my Apex 2016 head would come online, the remaining EB832s, FMMs, DOSs and COR20 all flashed orange or an occasional rapid green. Ended up tearing apart my aquabus cabling and plugging devices back in one at a time until I found a problem EB832 that when plugged in showed Name deleted, Type unknown, SW Rev 255 and Connected but at the same time caused all my previously connected devices to show Disconnected. Repeated multiple times with same result before swapping out for a spare EB832 I luckily had from another tank.

    Connected the problem EB832 to another Apex 2016 head an experienced same problem. The head would come online but the EB832 showed Name deleted, Type unknown, SW Rev 255 and Connected. And I couldn't control any of the outlets.

    Will open case with Neptune when they get in Friday morning, but looking for suggestions from other who many have similar experiences in the meantime.

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