Ellie's Reef 25 Lagoon


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Oct 9, 2019
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I accidentally posted this in the regular members build section but it might be more appropriate here...

I should have done this a long time ago. I figured it would be worth posting incase others have questions about this size tank, coral, and maintenance. I started this 25 Lagoon 3 years ago with my daughter. It has been a great learning experience, bonding experience, and introduction into the hobby. The tank is not dosed, I do not have a skimmer, and I perform a 5 gal. weekly water change. I use Tropic Marin pro reef salt. The tank has done really well and watching the tank mature inspired us to go bigger with our Planet 150 build. I hope you enjoy and if anyone has questions, don't hesitate. @ellies_reef on Instagram.

IM 25 Lagoon
Mighty Jet Pump
AI Prime
Nero 5
Finnex Heater
Caribsea Life Rock and Sand
2 Media Caddy's
-Ceramic Media
-ChemiPure Blue

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