First AIO 30g mixed reef tank


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Jan 15, 2024
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Hi all,

I would love to share in detail my first-ever AIO mixed reef tank;

Display tank: 100 liters / Back Sump: 20 liters

Let's start from the sump;

The sump has 4 chambers + 2 mini vertical chambers for filter sponge.

1C: Heater 150w + filter wool (to trap the first detritus, I like to keep my sump as clean as possible)
1mini chamber: first filter sponge
2C: Tunze skimmer 9001dc
3C: 4 Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio Block + Tunze ATO + Seachem ammonia alert + 1 Clear FX Pro All-In-One Filtration Media
2mini chamber: second filter sponge
4C: Tunze silent return pump


My Display tank as follows:

Light: Reefled 50 (Redsea)
Flow: Reefwave 25 (Redsea)


Aquarium members:


1x Emerald crab
1x Fire Shrimp
2x Blue Hermit Crabs
2x Cyprea Annulus
1x Tiger Cowrie (small)
1x Leopard Sand Snail
1x Mitra Mitra snail (small)
1x Tectus Conus
1x Turbo Brunnes
1x Red Linckia
1x Globular Red uruchin
1x Dog Conch
1x Strawberry Conch
1x Strombus Gibberulus

2x pair ocellaris clownfish

1x BTA (hosted by both clownfish)
3x GSP (several pieces glued on the back pvc, I am planning to grow a "grass field")
1x Sarcophyton (Weeping willow)
6x Euphyllia of different dimension and colors (Ancora, Parancora, glabrescens, divisa, paradivisa) (Black with orange tip, purple, 24k gold, purple and green, blue electric, toxic green).
1x Yuma Godzilla Bounce
1x Clavularia (Metallic orange/gold)
1x Goniopora Ultra Red (Small)
1x NPS - Red finger gorgonian (I got this a week ago but never opened).

My tank parameters:

Temp: 76-77 F
SG: 1.025-1.026
NO3: 10-15ppm (I am currently dosing 1ml nopox daily. I am aiming 5-10ppm).
PO4: 0.03
dkh: 11.0 (I use red sea coral pro salt which has high dkh. In this way, I don't run the risk of going below the minimum alk and calcium considering I do one water change per week of around 20%). I do not have SPS, so no experience on that side. Just LPS and leathers!
CA: 450ppm
Mag: 1400(mg/l)
ph: 8.0/8.3
Lighting: 40% blue, 0% white with 2hrs ramping up and 2hrs ramping down.
Flow: 10% random wave (8min forward + 2min reverse h24)
Sand: Caribsea Live sand 6kg 1-2mm
Rocks: about 7-8kg of real reef rock

When I was a kid my father had freshwater aquariums and he always told me: "Never build a saltwater aquarium, it's too difficult". Here I am now. My only regret, I would bought a bigger one, ideally at least 100g. Maybe one day! :-D

What do you guys think? I am very curios of your opinion!
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