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Jan 21, 2014
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Just a little background story for my tank, trying to keep it short as possible. Tank is 7 months old 150G 60.5" × 25.3" × 22.6 waterbox. I have 2 mp40s running on 25% reef crest and one on constant 43%. My lps, and other corals as hammers etc gets good flow.. however my sand level is insanely high flow. I have lobos, and scoly who i discovered lately that the reason its ticked its from that high flow i have… at first i was like okay easy ill move the corals chose 20 different spots and the whole area is high flow.

the way i narrowed it down, i shut down everything inlcuding return pump, and i discovered that high flow happens only because the wave makers when they are on. Specifically the left wave maker. I moved it more to the back of the tank, even at 25% reef crest still not right too much flow sand bed. The issue is not the flow itself is the direct flow affecting. my lobos, shrooms sand level…

I just cant get the flow right. I dont know why doesnt matter the speed or the profile. Do you guys think my tank will benefit from a gyre? Instead of wave maker for the left side? Because i tried moving the wave maker up, down etc moving it to the left nothing


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