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Hi Reefers!

Relisting with Sold items removed

Below is a list with prices. Everything is pest free, encrusted, growing, splitting, etc. All healthy no issues at all.

My parameters are:
Nitrate -8-12
Phos- .07
Salinity- 1.025

Below is the list/prices. If you buy a bunch, will throw in some freebies (if they don't sell). The Zoas are on rocks so we can discuss on prices as will have to sell rock w/ other zoas. Equipment in use I cant sell until livestock is mostly sold. will be July at the latest.
Livestock is pickup only.
Please let me know with questions etc.

FishSPSLPSSoftEquipment (for sale after livestock is sold)
Mummy Eye Chalice (10 eyes)
neon green toadstool (large)
2x Radion Blue G5 w/ stand, shade and diffusers (50% intensity for 9 hrs)$600 each
Walt Disney x2 (chunky)$150 eachblue/green hammer large 10+heads
scramble eggs zoaWaterbox 100.5 frag w/ sump and custom screen($500) (9months old)
Heaven/Hell Millie$100 eachgold hammer large (9 heads)
sunny d zoaregal 150 int skimmer
Carberri Anthia
Master Yoda
green hammer large
orange/green zoavectra s2 return pump
BiColor Foxface
Tricolor Validita (big colony)
2 head todds torch
large pink/blue zoaTunze ATO
Pearly Jawfish
Jason Fox Homewrecker (chunky and good PE)
large pink octospawn
inkbird controller
Diamond Goby
Pink Floyd (3" w/ great PE)
large duncan colony 10+heads
BRS titianium 600w heater
JF Blue tip x2 (large and big colony)
green plate
JF John Deere
orange plate
Fruity Pebbles
InvertsGreen Slimer x2 (colonies large)$50 each
RBT anemone x2$50 eachJF solar flare
deresa clam
JF Setsota
blue tuxedo urchin x2$25 eachJF raja rampage (9 eyes)
Shark fin
green monti
Pink Lemonade
ASD Rainbow$150 each
red millie$75 each
Crown Royal
blue millie x2
Richards Rainbow
Chick Magnet

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  • 75% or so

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  • Close to 100%

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  • Totally Automated (we need proof)

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