GHL Black Friday 2023: The BEST Deals of the Year! 20% OFF Controllers, Dosers, KHD and Mitras LX7 LED


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Jul 27, 2016
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GHL Black Friday is happening NOW!

Take your aquarium to the next level with our Black Friday Sale!

20% off
  • All ProfiLux aquarium controller sets and single devices (IL versions excluded)
  • All GHL Doser models
  • All KH Director Sets and single devices
  • and all Mitras LX7 models!
Only until Nov. 28th, 2023.
Offer valid at the GHL-Store, GHL USA store and all participating dealers.

Become a reef project master!!! Have you made any DIY items for your reef lately?

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  • I have no plans to make any DIY items for my reef.

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  • Other.

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