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Gold Torch Sale - Dragon Soul, Hellfire, Goldfinger, Tiger, Etc


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May 22, 2018
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Have a lot of multiples of all these torches and would like to move them all out. Because of that I will be offering them at discounted prices and even more discounted if taking packs of 3 or 5 torches (pack prices below). I will also be offering free shipping at $300 instead of $375 on these pieces ONLY. Otherwise shipping is $45. All pictures are numbered and numbered prices are below. If interested text 734-725-98five0.

1. Single Dragon Soul $85
2. Double Dragon Soul $125
3. Double Dragon Soul $125
4. Sold
5. Single Ultimate Dragon Soul $100
6. No Name $65
7. Single Ultimate Dragon Soul $100
8. Sold
9. Sold
10. Sold
11. Sold
12. Single Hellfire $100
13. Sold
14. Sold
15. Sold
16. XL Single Hellfire $115
17. Double Cherry Coral Goldfinger $140
18. XL Single Hellfire $115
19. Single Cherry Coral Goldfinger $115
20. ~2hd Tamer Grail $200

- Pick Any 3 (excluding tamer) $360 shipped
- Pick Any 3 including tamer $400 shipped
- Pick Any 5 (excluding tamer) $500 shipped
- Pick Any 5 including tamer $540 shipped

-PICK ANY 10 (excluding tamer) $850 shipped
-PICK ANY 10 including tamer $1000 shipped

The 3 & 5 packs above are more geared to the more expensive torches. If you’re after 3 or 5 of the cheaper ones just reach out and I will offer similar discounts on them.

377B4204-9BE4-4210-B6EF-976C93F32980.jpeg 2501A0FC-40DA-4675-92F5-827C5BC44DD0.jpeg 03CBC1CB-3B22-4136-82D7-9F749D6C4E76.jpeg ABB3789A-7694-4400-9035-84D32C2506A0.jpeg 8B20D60E-4054-4E58-88B9-AEF9E1D626EE.jpeg 3FBDBCE6-B7FB-4FD3-99F2-5092BEA2F165.jpeg DE4D7390-4485-4963-89F4-5E2BBB99F6ED.jpeg B7726B5C-D375-42A9-A1F1-481905842BB8.jpeg AD862001-4F02-4BC2-BC44-AFB62041B32E.jpeg 896B99C6-107C-485B-B2BD-7185A9061195.jpeg 368ABBE4-B8A6-46F7-9DB9-4FF8939846E7.jpeg FBEEDB2D-4CED-4FF4-AE13-02C0B54022BA.jpeg 750F727B-D236-4A9C-A020-1BC4E3E2061F.jpeg 1FD63682-C323-459A-8D36-16518D5EAD3D.jpeg 2BB10238-A3A3-48D4-8A61-D6E69F109149.jpeg B8066E5D-FBF8-4A05-9077-8AF9E5510EFB.jpeg 2AD9C798-B3A6-4F9C-AADA-CE05701DEABF.jpeg 0231D79A-66CE-4A3B-AC5F-172963D17772.jpeg 2042F8A7-1DDE-4CC8-9A03-112C0628BC91.jpeg 7C942D59-DA2B-47FE-B4AF-8A422698A268.jpeg
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Aug 2, 2019
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Man A+ seller very organized. When my 260g tank is setup will definitely be ordering from you.


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May 26, 2021
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Good evening, I'm sorry, I would like to purchase a package of 5 corals from you for $580. But I would like to take your advice, I would like some bright torches, can I send a video of my tank and you advise me on the choice, I have already bought several from you and they feel great. It's just that I don't want to repeat the corals that I have, but at the same time I want bright ones. Thanks in advance.

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