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Aug 26, 2019
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After about 12 years in freshwater I joined the salty side.

Currently running:

Biocube 29g (original)
Biocube 32g (led version)

Have been in the salty side of the hobby a few months and love it.

Have met many new friends already who I can say make this hobby like no other.

I have autism and when I was diagnosed at 12 (almost 13 years ago), I discovered the species in saltwater. Which when I would view them and observe how unique each and every species and specimen was I felt at home for once in my life.

I had a goal to get what made me feel like I was in another world (a feeling I had never had, a good feeling as I had grown up with depression).

But I faced many things raising myself until able to have someone in my life just happen to bring home that 29g biocube. She had no idea about my goal.... her father had set it up and had no luck, he got sick and wasn’t able to continue trying. So it sat empty about 2 years.

So when I finally went to look at what she just said was a “tank” her dad gave her, I was like a kid on Christmas. I ran inside saying it’s not just a tank it’s a biocube and almost everything needed for my goal.....

I then told her about my goal, her dad has kinda gotten worse so I made it my goal to get it up and running to the point he would be happy to see it how he tried to get it.

I went to thank him one day and he was so excited about me loving the hobby and wanting to turn the tank into something. To the point he talked about filter floss for a good 20 minutes.

Here we are a few months later with results he can’t help but smile about.

I sit and watch for hours myself, I’ve always been the oddball but when I’m with my tanks I’m in my own world and even when it’s frustrating it’s relaxing.
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