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Infy’s zoa collection sale (exosphere, Frankie’s, GMK and more) - local pickup north Dallas only

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Feb 18, 2017
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Welcome to my sales thread! I’m looking to raise some coral funds by selling zoas I’ve been growing out.

Prices will be listed per polyp (pp) and discounts for multiples + packs.

If you’re interested, please shoot me a pm! Pickup can be arranged outside of one of the LFS in Plano (Aquatic Design, Exotic Aquatic). Cash only and $100 minimum order limit (so it’s worth the time).

Zoa list:
GMK 50pp
Exospheres 50pp
CB White Zombies 35pp
Pink Diamonds $25 a frag (5+ polyps)
Rastas $25 a frag (5+ polyps)
Burning Embers 35pp
OG Nightmares $25 a frag (2-5 polyps)
CB Bowsers $25 a frag (2-5 polyps)
Mind Tricks 60pp
Frankie’s Acid Trips 60pp
SSB Thermospheres 100pp
Solar Circus 50pp

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Reef Décor: Do you decorate the space around your aquarium?

  • The room decor is fully focused on the reef.

    Votes: 6 3.8%
  • The area around the reef tank has a coastal/ocean theme.

    Votes: 23 14.4%
  • There are a few reef-related decorations.

    Votes: 21 13.1%
  • The decorating is not related to the reef.

    Votes: 62 38.8%
  • I don’t bother decorating.

    Votes: 48 30.0%
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