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Innovative Marine 25 AIO total package

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Jun 7, 2019
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Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon AIO Aquarium

Tank with 2 media baskets and return pump-$300

Top Lids custom lid with feed door-$150

Cobalt 100W neotherm heater-$30

AI Nero 3- $130 SOLD

Tunze Nano 3152 ato- $60 each (have 2) 1 of them the plastic feet where it covers the float is super glued on, it does not affect the ATO working. If desired part can be replaced cheap through Tunze.

AI Prime HD- $100 with mounts, one the lens is burnt on 1 led ($8 part), ill sell that one for $80, works fine. SOLD

Ecotech MP10- $175

Inkbird Aquarium Temperature Controller- $30

Take it all for $1,000. Everything that touches water has been thoroughly cleaned with citric acid. will part it out if it doesn’t sell as a package. I can deliver/meet on Long Island within reason. Everything aside from the tank I will ship at buyers expense.

IMG_1340.jpeg IMG_1341.jpeg IMG_1342.jpeg IMG_1343.jpeg IMG_1344.jpeg IMG_1345.jpeg
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Mar 17, 2022
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Innovador acuario AIO Marine 25 Lagoon

Tanque con 2 cestas de medios y bomba de retorno-$300

Tapa personalizada Top Lids con puerta de alimentación-$150

Calentador neotherm de cobalto de 100 W-$ 30

AI Nero 3 - $ 130

Tunze Nano 3152 ato- $60 cada uno (tiene 2) 1 de ellos, los pies de plástico donde cubre el flotador están súper pegados, no afecta el funcionamiento del ATO. Si se desea, la pieza se puede sustituir de forma económica a través de Tunze.

AI Prime HD: $ 100 con monturas, una de las lentes está quemada en 1 LED (pieza de $ 8), la venderé por $ 80, funciona bien.

Ecotech MP10 - $ 175

Controlador de temperatura del acuario Inkbird: $ 30

Llévalo todo por $1,000. Todo lo que toca el agua se ha limpiado minuciosamente con ácido cítrico. Lo separaremos si no se vende como paquete. Puedo realizar entregas/reuniones en Long Island dentro de lo razonable. Todo, excepto el tanque, lo enviaré por cuenta del comprador.

IMG_1340.jpeg IMG_1341.jpeg IMG_1342.jpeg IMG_1343.jpeg IMG_1344.jpeg IMG_1345.jpeg
¿MP 10 available


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Dec 28, 2020
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Cato, NY
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Just wanted to say that Mike is a great and honest seller. Just received the AI Prime HD lights today and this was by far the easiest transaction I have had buying used equipment. Shipped the same day that I paid, lights are exactly as described, and packaged very well. I would not hesitate to buy anything from Mike in the future. A+ Seller

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