JBJ 45. Whole setup for sale



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Feb 23, 2020
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Selling my JBJ 45 approx 18 monthes old with black stand. Includes radion xr 30 pro light, 2 gyre 2k flow pumps. Sicce return pump. Apex lite Controller. Apex ato. Jabeo doser, 3 chamber dosing container. 5 gallon ato reservoir. Cobalt heater. Jbj chiller. Includes 4 hanna checkers. Phosphate, ulr Phosphate, calcium, nitrate. 2 red sea test kits and 1 salifert test kit. Also includes abound 20-30 filter socks along with 15lbs of salt. Contents of tank include over $1000 off corals as well as 40lbs of live rock, 10+ lbs of live sand. 2 davinci clownfish, I blue hippo tang. 1 yellow goby. 1 peppermint shrimp, 1 sexy shrimp, 1 coral banded shrimp, Cuc. Price to sell $1800 or best offer


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