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Jun 29, 2022
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Contrary to popular myth, the Joculator Angelfish was not the inspiration for a Warren G song back in 1994. What is true about Joculator Angels is that they represent the very cool intersection where a rare and cool fish that gets to a reasonable size for most home aquariums is also very hardy! Their rarity stems primarily from their small natural range as they are only found around the Cocos-Keeling and Christmas Islands in the eastern Indian Ocean. In addition, the remote nature of these islands means that few of these fish get collected, and those that do usually end up in Fish Stores in Asia, where it is still a rarity, but seen more frequently than in the US. Once upon a time, they were thought to only come from Cocos-Keeling which gave them one of their other common names, the Cocos Pygmy Angel, they also are sometimes called Yellowhead Pygmy Angels.

Feeding Centropyge joculator represents no real difficulty, but focus should be placed on a varied diet. Their natural behavior is one of constant foraging where they eat a huge variety of things, algae, small invertebrates, sponge matter etc. They are the perfect fish for Nutramar Algae and Color Boost Shots, which can be stuck to glass or rockwork for the Angel to graze on. In house we also give them a mix of meaty foods from Gamma, and the Nutramar Color Boost and sinking pellets as well. We feed them twice a day, and they do quite well on that schedule. As with any fish that likes grazing, more smaller meals never hurt, but with this fish, aren't strictly necessary. They will like some algal matter to graze on, and so some Nori or Ogo occasionally would also be a good addition. Click here to learn more

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