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Looking for Zoas! … and a Torch! Please!

B’s Nano Reef

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Oct 12, 2021
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Hey All!

I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area and am looking for a variety of zoas at prices that won’t break the bank. Not looking for any high end out of this world priced stuff. I prefer small colonies 10+ polyps minimum as opposed to single or two polyp type frags. Also looking for one torch (1 big or 2 heads)

Prefer local pickups but if anyone has a good variety of zoas (and a torch) that would make the cost of shipping worthwhile, I’d consider it.

Cash or if you are in need of any of the below, would be open to trades as well. All are brand new in box unused:

- Black AI Prime 16HD (Bluetooth)
- AquaMaxx 23 hole Frag rack
- Fluval EVO V AIO reef tank

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