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Lots of Zoas Strain, build your zoa garden in one fell swoop

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Aug 25, 2016
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Batavia IL
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Kept under a T5/Reefbrite hybrid everything is grown in my system, some have been cut 5+ weeks with the recent trimmings being almost 2 weeks old. Local pickup available.

I ship UPS and offer a standard 2 hour DOA. If you suspect heat damage on arrive you must let me know. Not responsible for UPS issues. That said, I pack extremely well and I'm willing to work with folks on a case by case basis in the event of a delivery issue. Due to a change in my work schedule I can only ship for delivery on Tues, Wed, and Friday.

Shipping is $50 anywhere in the country. If you're in the upper midwest shoot me a quote request. I'm still happy to ship for free at $300. Experienced shipper.

Solid opportunity to put together a great zoa garden with long term aquacultured zoas. Everything in my system is QTed and meticulously curated.

I'm always happy to pull together prospective groups for a detailed group shot. Also game to answer any questions. Located in the far western suburbs of Chicago.

Pickup available and I'm pretty flexible on time. That said, if you go that route be respectful of the time frame we decide on.

This is everything that's available atm.

A2 Wonka Berry Var $30
A4 Wonka Berry var $30
A6 Poison Ivy $30
A8 Poison Ivy $30
A10 Mind Flayer $30

B1 OG Wonka Berry $30
B3 OG Wonka Berry $30
B5 Rainbow Infusion $25

B7 Rainbow Infusion $25
B9 Mind Flayer $30

C2 Rainbow Raptor $25
C4 Nightcrawler $20
C6 Nightcrawler $20
C8 Daisy Duke $20
C10 Daisy Duke $20

D1 Rainbow Raptor $25
D3 cb Omega $20
D5 cb Omega $20
D7 RPE $15
D9 RPE $20

E2 Hyper Jubilee $20
E4 Hyper Jubilee $20

E6 Hyper Jubilee $20
E8 wwc Superstar $25 (can get another pic)
E10 wwc Superstar $25

F1 Buddman’s Bowser $30
F3 cc Black People Eaters (BPE) $30
F5 cc Black People Eaters $30
F7 cb White Zombie $25
F9 cb White Zombie $25

G2 Miami Vice $20

G4 Miami Vice $20
G6 cb Spicegirls $30 (can get another pic)
G8 Sakura Sunrise $20
G10 Sakura Sunrise $20

H3 Tutti Frutti $25
H5 Daisy Cutter $25
H7 Sapphire Star $25
H9 Daisy Cutter $25

I2 Red Hornet (3p) $25
I4 Peaches and Crème $25
I6 My clementines $25
I8 Tweetie Bird $35
I10 Flame Clove $25

J3 Gatorade $20
J5 Super Sayian
J7 Tiger Hornet $20
J9 Halloween Hornet $25

K2 Belladonna $25
K4 King Midas $25 (can get another pic)
K6 Sour Apples $15
K8 Sour Apples $25
K10 Sour Apples $25

L3 Creamsicle var $20
L5 Creamsicle var $20
L7 Blowpop $20
L9 Blowpop $20

M2 asd Spitfire $20
M4 asd Spitfire $20
M6 asd Spitfire $20
M8 Scrambled Egg $15
M8 Scrambled Egg $15

N3 Jawbreaker Hornet $25
N5 Jawbreaker Hornet $25
N7 Black Hornet $25
N9 Black Hornet $25

O2 Infrared/Nightmare $25
O4 Scarlett Fever $20
O6 Scarlett Fever $25

O8 Eyegasms $30
O10 Hearbreakers $50

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Sep 13, 2009
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What zip code please or pm. Want to put a pack together if its not too far to pick up from chicago. Thanks!


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Aug 25, 2016
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Batavia IL
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I'll start by saying that it's been a pleasure connecting with old friends and meeting some new ones. R2R continues to be a great place to connect with other hobbyists.

I am down to the last 14 frags so per my usual I'm grouping these together into a single pack to close out this batch.

Contains: wonka berry var, OG wonka berry, mindflayer, poison ivy, cb Omega, red hornets, sour apples, daisy cutters, jawbreakers, RPE, cc BPE, rainbow raptor, my clementines, cb spicegirls and I'll throw in the flame clove polyp frag. $325 shipped with no substitutions or $300 picked up.


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