MACNA 2022: Sept 9-11, 2022, Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Wisconsin Center


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Dec 3, 2017
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The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) 2022 will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Center from September 9 - 11, 2022.

Day tickets from $35, 17 and under are free.
Hotels from $159

Reunited after two years of virtual programs, MACNA 2022 Gathering and Growing will bring our community together for the best MACNA to date.

MACNA is a combination of several events.
It is an educational symposium where people can attend lectures from industry leaders, conservationists, authors, and scientists.
It is also a trade show where hobbyists can buy the hottest new corals and see new cutting edge equipment. Attendees can also give their feedback to manufacturers so they can continue to bring us the innovations we are looking for.
And lastly it is a social event. Many speakers, vendors, and hobbyists come to socialize with each other. It gives people an opportunity to put faces with names they might see on a message board or email.

Educational talks include:

Keynote: Dr. Judy St Leger - Aquaculture and Sustainability: No more clowning around

Ben Titus: Solving the Evolutionary Mystery of the Clownfish-Sea Anemone Symbiosis
Sanjay Joshi: Managing Nitrates in a Reef Aquarium – The Different Strategies and Approaches
Jamie Craggs: Spawning and rearing ‘Scolys’ (Homophyllia australis) and other LPS coral in aquariums. Potential for sustainable coral production?
Marc Levenson: ICP and Additives – How to Correct your Inadequacies

Nicole Bridges: Back from the Brink: A Systems Engineering Approach to Coral Triage and Rehabilitation
Sid Stetson: How Less-than-Ideal Water Chemistry Affects the Health of your System and Animals
Greg Barord: Inspiring Future Minds. Educating the next generation of professional marine aquarists.
Joe Yaiullo: The Hard Reboot of a 20,000 Gallon Reef Tank
Todd Gardner: A Live Feeds Primer: The Importance of Plankton, Where to Get it, and How to Grow It.
Craig Bingman: A Brief History of Calcification: From Limewater to Everything Else and Back Again

Travis Knorr & Mick Walsh: Garage-a-Culture! Starting an aquaculture company at home
Dennis (Tigahboy): A Growing Trend: Marine Macroalgae Tanks.
Andrew Sandler: Proper planning for an industrial sized reef tank in ones home
Liz Marchio: Aquarium Keeping: A Science Education via Osmosis
Rich Ross: Controlling Algae in your Aquarium

Workshops include:
Neptune Systems
ICP Analysis
Tropic Marin USA
Micro Reefing by PNW Custom
Coral Reef Aquarium Fisheries

Meetups include:
Seahorse & Pipefish
Photography Meet-Up
Aquarium Science Education
Women in Reefing
Shark and Stingray Aquarists
Rainbow Reefers
Marine Breeding Initiative
Triton Lab meet-up
Aquarium Professionals
Reef Beef Podcast

All information, tickets, schedule, and hotel available at:
MACNA 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from September 9 - 11, 2022.

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